Billionaire buddies Jay-Z and Twitter's Jack Dorsey come together to launch a financial literacy program in Hova's hometown of Brooklyn, NY.

Given his longtime success as a comedian, actor, all-around businessman and soon-to-be investor in the cryptocurrency world of NFTs, is Steve Harvey quite possibly the flyest Baby Boomer of them all?

Staples Center is getting a new name. Starting Christmas Day, it will be Arena.

Snoop Dogg recently claimed he is the owner of @CozomoMedici, which is well-known for NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) speculation as well as ownership of more than 140 NFTs. 

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Akon has finalized an agreement for the establishment of his own city in Senegal, called Akon City. The singer/entrepreneur shared a photo on Instagram from the deal-finalizing moment, and he captioned the image, “looking forward to hosting you there in the future” — see the pic below. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  We previously reported… last […]

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T.I. and his business partner are being sued for securities fraud after a group of investors claim they poured over $1.3 million in a cryptocurrency the duo launched — and all they got was flat broke in return. According to court documents obtained by The Blast, the 25 investors claim the rapper and a guy named Ryan Felton used “social media, celebrity […]

YOU ARE JOINING US TODAY TO TALK ABOUT CRYPTOCURRENCIES. LET’S START WITH THE BASICS: WHAT ARE THEY?  A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses encryption to secure and verify transactions and control and track the creation of new units of the currency. These currencies exist entirely online – there is no cash version of […]

Is Hov stashing his jewels in the cloud? Or is he just clearing the skies so we can all fly paper planes like him one day?

African-Americans are strong, resilient and creative people, so it’s no surprise when they’re able to create innovative technology to better the community. Tavonia Evans has succeeded in launching the first ICO (Initial Coin Offering) for $Guap, a coin dedicated to restoring and recycling wealth within the Black community, according to Black News. With this coin, […]