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1. That’s Probably a No, Joe!

What You Need To Know:

In a recent radio interview, Joe Biden repeated what many are still hoping, that he would pick former First Lady Michelle Obama as his running mate, “in a heartbeat.”

2. Help Is On The Way To Families Still Waiting On Stimulus Money

What You Need To Know:

Two of the progressive Young Guns in the Democratic Party have joined forces to help Americans in need. Former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang announced an expanded program to provide direct cash payments to families on SNAP or receiving food stamps.

3. Coronavirus Update: Groups Push For Action On Racial Disparities Of Pandemic

What You Need To Know: 

The NAACP, National African American Tobacco Prevention Network and Council on Black Health are requesting specific actions by the U.S. government to address the racial disparities and disproportionate impact the pandemic has had on the black community. 

4. Small Businesses Beware!

What You Need To Know:

The Small Business Administration sent warnings to thousands of businesses that some of their personal information may have been exposed. 

5. Sports: NBA Paycuts and MLB Lawsuit

What You Need To Know:

Unlike most of America, professional basketball players have a few weeks to get their financial houses in order during the coronavirus-related economic collapse. 

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