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President Biden calls into the D.L. Hughley Show to speak on the advances in equity and opportunities for Black Americans and communities of color across the country. President Biden also speaks on Today's Mid-term elections and their importance, not just through the next 2 years of the Biden Administration but for the future of our country.

Willie Moore Jr. had Prez Biden on the show to give a better breakdown of his recent document on the advances in equity for Black Americans.

Today, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Joyce Beatty (OH-03) and members of the Congressional Black Caucus issued the following statement on the President’s Executive Action on Marijuana Reform:

The 79,000 Westwood College students affected would have attended the school between January 1, 2002 through November 17, 2015

U.S. Secretary of Education, Miguel Cardona stops by the Russ Parr Morning Show to talk about the plan and its benefits. There are still some questions to be answered. When will the debt relief start? What do you have to do to apply?

D.J. Misses gives you the latest on President Joe Biden and talks about the details on the 5th person cured of HIV. #trendingonthetimeline #joebiden #HIV


“(As) I sit here in a Russian prison, alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic jersey, or any accomplishments, I’m terrified I might be here forever,” she wrote.


President Joe Biden said Monday he hopes to decide soon whether to support a temporary pause in the federal gasoline tax and is nearing a decision on student loan relief as he looks to ease the burden of high prices on Americans.

U.S. President Joe Biden may have come up with a plan to alleviate the financial burden of student debt for many Americans by $10,000.


Sen. Dick Durbin, the committee chairman, announced the hearing schedule on Wednesday as Jackson was holding her first meetings with senators on Capitol Hill.

President Joe Biden is expected to announce the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to the United States Supreme Court


President Joe Biden is committing to reduce the cancer death rate by 50% — a new goal for the “moonshot” initiative against the disease that was announced in 2016 when he was Vice President.