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Rumors continue to swirl about NeNe Leakes involvement with the upcoming season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

As we previously reported, producers of the series are said to have sidelined the reality star for next season, but an insider revealed to Page Six that NeNe’s contract is still being hashed out even as her castmates currently film for the upcoming season.

“The only reason why she’s not currently shooting is that she is still in active negotiations with her contract,” her rep told ET.

Amid her feud with the cast, the producers are also giving Leakes an ally for season twelve, according to reports.

Meanwhile, a source told Love B. Scott that NeNe has been placed on a suspension for violently attacking a cameraman during her “Bye, Wig” party last season.

“For that reason, in addition to NeNe’s ‘bad attitude’ in dealing with producers and execs behind the scenes, sources tell LoveBScott.com (via thejasmindbrand.com) that NeNe has been forced to ‘sit out’ for at least the first part of the season — maybe longer — as the ladies begin filming.”

Insiders have also spilled to Bossip that NeNe is filming a “Vanderpump Rules”-esque spinoff show about her Swagg Boutique’s three locations. The source dished:

“The show will be like Lisa Vanderpump’s famed ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and follow NeNe’s sales associates as they ‘work, party and deal with drama.’”

Would you watch a spinoff about Swagg Boutique? Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Nene Leakes Not Filming For ‘RHOA’ – But Allegedly Filming Her Own Spinoff

  1. Don’t Hate, I would watch it. All the women on these shows work hard to keep a good story going although many of their lives are “Boring.” Nene knows how to keep real drama going. without any drama, there would be no show (cancellation a long time ago). She deserves an award for her drama role about everything. Her pajama party, her dispute with Kim, and all the housewives. Without Nene, the other housewives have no storyline. Candy is getting richer, but her life is boring too. She has no drama, just surrounded by her elderly family. Porsha went from a submissive housewife to a divorced slut. That’s not drama, that’s women in every major city. Kenya kept hiring men to keep her on the show until she found one who could give her a baby. After the baby thrill runs out, he’s gone. I need not mention other housewives because they are too boring.

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