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For survivors of abuse the healing process is very personal and many survivors are nervous about sharing their stories. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Asante McGhee who is a survivor of R. Kelly’s alleged abuse.

She has been sharing her story in hopes of helping other survivors of abuse. McGhee appeared on Surviving R. Kelly and also wrote a book called “No Longer Trapped In The Closet.”

McGhee says, “I only lived with this man for 3 weeks” and by the second week she was planning her escape. She says her breaking point was when she witnessed a 18-year-old girl “go down on him,” in front of people. When she saw that she couldn’t help but think that could be her daughter and she knew she had to leave.

“I’m angry with him” she says, because he has never taken accountability for his actions. McGhee is willing to do whatever she can do to help bring Kelly to justice.

To be clear, “it’s not about bringing another Black man down,” she emphasizes. “He’s gotten away with it for so long because of who he is,” but she’s ready for it to come to an end.

Above all she wants people to know that “no one deserves to be abused by any man or any woman.”