Surviving R. Kelly

From new R. Kelly allegations to her place on Rolling Stone's list of best singers, Aaliyah's timeless voice matters now more than ever.

NEW YORK (AP) — Few TV documentary series can boast having a more powerful real world impact than “Surviving R. Kelly.” Though allegations of sexual abuse against minors followed R&B superstar R. Kelly for years, it was a six-part series aired by Lifetime last January featuring testimonials by alleged survivors that sparked new attention from […]

An executive for Lifetime recently responded to recent claims Drea Kelly made, after she voiced her intentions to explore legal options and possibly file a lawsuit against the network. Last week Kelly sat down with TMZ to express her frustrations and distance herself from the upcoming latest installment of the Surviving R. Kelly series. In her lament, Kelly […]

Lifetime has set a January 2 premiere date for its sequel documentary series “Surviving R. Kelly Part II: The Reckoning,” which is the follow-up to the Emmy-nominated “Surviving R. Kelly.” The new doc will air on three consecutive nights, and feature interviews with new survivors, supporters, psychologists and cultural and legal experts. But one person […]

“Surviving R. Kelly” director Dream Hampton has called out Dave Chappelle over a joke he made in his latest Netflix special “Sticks & Stones,” in which he accused her of misquoting him while promoting her documentary about the embattled singer. In the special, Chappelle said Hampton asked him to appear in Lifetime’s R. Kelly documentary. The comedian joked that he responded, […]

R. Kelly’s daughter Buku Abi opens up about the challenges of being R. Kelly’s daughter in an interview with the Associated Press. The singer confessed that being Kelly’s daughter is like “a double-edged sword,” and said folks teasing her school because of her relation to the embattled singer made her feel suicidal. Buku Abi, born Joann Kelly, is the […]

Andrea ‘Drea’ Kelly has been through the storm. As most of you know, she was married to singer R. Kelly for years and is the mother of his three kids. After the debut of the Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly where many women shared their abusive relationships with the once top-selling musician, Kelly felt vindicated […]

Veteran journalist Soledad O’Brien is set to follow up Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly” with a two-hour special that will examine the global impact of the documentary. Titled “Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact,” the special will examine the hitmaker’s explosive interview with Gayle King and feature interviews with journalists, legal experts, and psychologists, Complex reports. Following the release of “Surviving […]

NEW YORK (AP) — Two women said Thursday that singer R. Kelly picked them out of a crowd at a Baltimore after-party in the mid-1990s when they were underage and had sex with one of the teens although she was under the influence of marijuana and alcohol and could not consent. The women, Latresa Scaff […]

NEW YORK (AP) — For Grammy-nominated singer Joe, singing the hit song R. Kelly wrote and produced for him is out of the question. “I’ve stopped performing the song,” he said in a statement to The Associated Press, referring to “More & More,” a Top 20 R&B song released in 2003. “No music or intellectual […]

For survivors of abuse the healing process is very personal and many survivors are nervous about sharing their stories. Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Asante McGhee who is a survivor of R. Kelly’s alleged abuse. She has been sharing her story in hopes of helping other survivors of abuse. McGhee appeared on Surviving R. Kelly […]

“Surviving R. Kelly” executive producer Dream Hampton previously revealed that she reached out to Erykah Badu to appear in the series, which aired earlier this month on Lifetime. Badu is now shading her claims and is demanding dream provide receipts proving she had invited the singer to add her voice to the controversy. Badu and hampton engaged in […]