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This government shutdown is the longest in history and that means hundreds of thousands of Americans are not getting paid.

Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Devone Williams who is a government worker who isn’t getting paid. Thankfully her husband isn’t a government employee so they still have one income.

They have two daughters, one in college and the other in middle school. So she’s trying to save money by watching every penny and cutting back. She makes sure her husband takes his lunch to work and she cooks meals for the family that last for a while.

So far she has missed one check but the next one is supposed to come next Saturday and no one knows if they’ll actually get paid.

There have been reports of companies and organizations giving out free groceries but Williams says she would feel guilty receiving free groceries because her house hold has “a check coming in.” And they “don’t want to take away from somebody” may need the help more.