Roland Martin: Why Are They ‘Dissing Angela Davis?’


Angela Davis was supposed to receive the Fred L. Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award from the Alabama civil rights museum but they’ve changed their minds.

Roland Martin is frustrated because all they have said is that Davis “does not meet all of the criteria” and they have received criticism from Jewish community. Martin feels “they don’t have the guts” to come out publicly and say why they changed their minds.

According to Davis they won’t even tell her the exact reason, which is “shameful.”

Roland Martin says “I will not step foot into that institute again,” until they come out and say why they are “publicly dissing” Angela Davis.


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3 thoughts on “Roland Martin: Why Are They ‘Dissing Angela Davis?’

  1. Why do you need this award from Jews to validate you and your work? You don’t! They don’t want to give it to her carpet munching ass.

  2. The damn Jews have decided that Angela Davis is Anti-Semitic.

    The University of Alabama are a bunch of COWARDS for rescinding the award
    previously given to Ms. Davis.

    Screw them ALL with giant BROOMSTICKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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