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(Jake May/The Flint Journal via AP)

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Alabama is getting withering criticism on social media after rescinding its decision to honor political activist and scholar Angela Davis.

Davis is a Birmingham native who has spent decades fighting for civil rights. She was an active member of the Black Panther Party, Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and Communist Party USA. She’s also an outspoken supporter of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement targeting Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

BCRI President and CEO Andrea Taylor said in October that the Institute was “thrilled to bestow this honor” on Davis who she described as “one of the most globally recognized champions of human rights, giving voice to those who are powerless to speak.”

But the institute announced Saturday that in late December, “supporters and other concerned individuals and organizations, both inside and outside of our local community, began to make requests that we reconsider our decision.”

“Upon closer examination of Davis’ statements and public record, we concluded that she unfortunately does not meet all of the criteria” for the Fred Shuttlesworth Human Rights Award.

The statement didn’t indicate what criteria it found Davis didn’t meet, nor did it identify the origin of the complaints. Many people responded with outrage Monday on Twitter and Facebook.

Birmingham Mayor Randall Woodfin said the protests came from the “local Jewish community and some of its allies” in a statement expressing “dismay.” He called it a reactive and divisive decision and offered to facilitate a community dialogue in response.

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22 thoughts on “Alabama Civil Rights Institute Rescinds Angela Davis Honor

  1. KINGIIII on said:

    There is more to this decision than we the public are hearing. If this beautiful sister can not measure up to their requirements…..then who can…??????

  2. The Birmingham Civil Rights Institute is Pawn.Black Institutions like these cannot honor True Black Leaders because they get their funding from The Jewish Community. So I say All Black Folks Need to Get involved. Start your own Civil Rights Institute or Starr funding one committed to Black People and Their Causes.

  3. charles on said:

    Ihuff Angela Davis is a ROLE MODEL to all BLACK FOLK, it is how to STAND UP AND FIGHT against the WHITE BIGOTRY that was faced back then and that we are still FACING today.That organization has no BALLS to SUCCUMB to those JEWISH MONGRELS it is a SIN.Give the SISTER her DUE she has long FOUGHT for it so let it be GIVEN with PRIDE AND JOY!!!!!!!!!!

    • Using that excuse/rational, anyone of any race who perceives societal injustice as justification to murder innocent people can be held up as “role models” ….I can see the Dilan Roof monument committee organizing now

  4. Honoring someone who was an admitted communist and complaisant in the murder of 4 innocent people good of them to come to their senses after all the same people want monuments honoring civil war soldiers removed

  5. Why are our People so afraid to do what’s Right? Every ethnic group stands up for their own but Black People. ACRI, needs to do the right thing and give the HONOR AWARD to Ms. Davis. What Black person or Black organization can contact a Jewish establishment and forbid them not to award an honor to one of their own?

  6. Passing Through!! on said:

    While the KKK is still in existence today after decades of murder, lynching and bombing. What about the many confederate statues of slave owners, rapist, white supremacist that still stand. J Edger Hoover (undercover cross dressing homo) was one of the most notorious, evil racist on the planet who wreak havoc on Dr. King and Civil Rights Movement and he has his name on almost every branch of the FBI. If black people allow this to happen this is our fault.

    • You’re a prime example of why many Black people are dysfunctional and experience lower standards of living than any other minority you constantly want to live in the past instead of pressing on to the future, you don’t know a dam thing about lynching’s and slavery you climb on the backs of those long dead who experienced it and use that as some sort of justification Asians are the smallest minority yet do better than most Whites and I never hear Japanese complain about WW2 internment or Chinese regurgitate how they were exploited building the railroads or lynched for looking at a white woman the past is the past and history is written in stone move on and stop using things you have no experience in as a crutch

  7. Terence j Wright on said:

    all cultures gather unto themselves and economically support each other… the lone culture that gets problems from all others for trying to tie thier culture together is AA….. why is that … what are you afraid of if we unite….. drastic times call for drastic measures… who else will stand up and defend AA….

  8. Wow, the above posts are extremely racist. While I can understand their dismay the posts are not professional. Remember that how an opinion is voiced/posted reflects on the intelligence or lack of intelligence of the individual.

  9. Passing Through!! on said:

    So basically they caved in to pressure from white racist but the same hypocrites were upholding trump for a Nobel Peace Prize. Angela is a Civil Rights icon, a black icon why do you need approval from whites to honor her legacy? That’s Bull…S! I bet the institute is ran by a bunch deep south racist.

  10. Hail to the ACRI for seeing this person as what she truly is. An individual who supported and was specifically a member of a group that promoted violence, killing and insurrection to the United States of America

    • Why is it that 95 % of the time when someone doesn’t like a decision or opinion the first response is a racially charged accusation? Racists did it, White Supremacists forced the outcome, or Uncle Cracker had a hand in it. Do you people who constantly do this ever get tired of the same old gas coming out of that unintelligent hole under your nose? Take a few moments to research the subject and collect a few facts before jumping to ignorant, unintelligent conclusions based on nothing but conjecture, innuendos and pure suppositions. You make yourselves look like complete fools.

    • Dwhite Devil on said:

      Yeah, just like the blue eyed white devil that shot the 7 year old in Houston TX. Blacks are the most racist species on the planet. How many of y’all AA’s can trace lineage back to the Motherland ??? If you could, why aren’t y’all complaning about modern day slavery over there ??? Cause it’s Black on Black I bet. Truth hurts, doesn’t it ??? All I hear is crickets………

  11. Ted Gravely on said:

    These fake so called Jews in the U.S. and Israel are evil. They are equivalent to radical Muslims. That’s why GE ran them out. They are slick and conniving. If you don’t agree with them, they will come out to destroy you. Angela, you don’t need any recognition from these bigots. Birmingham Civil Rights Institute – you are weak. You should have stood on her first amendment rights. Weak arses.

  12. The State of Alabama is STUCK ON STUPID.
    How can they bestow an Honor upon Angela Davis one minute and then take that Honor back???
    The Institute is full of s–t!!!!!!!!!!

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