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On Monday, Dec. 10, the hosts of The Real discuss Kevin Hart stepping down as host of the Academy Awards over previous tweets against the LGBTQ community. Co-host Loni Love shares her views as a comic and says she thinks Hart should have taken a “step up,” instead of a step down. Love said:

As a comic, I think all of us in the past have used some type of derogatory or offensive terms to everybody. My issue is two things with this: Number one – the bigger issue to me is the way the Black community has treated the LGBTQ community in the past. When I grew up as a girl, they were shunned, they were made fun of… and so what you see are… when you see tweets like, that were done eight years ago by Kevin, it’s because it was made make LGBTQ people feel ashamed or ignored. And we’ve always laughed at it. And I’ve been guilty of it, all of us, not only just in the Black community, but other communities have been guilty of it. The problem that I had is that I talked to Kevin, you know, and he said, “You know, I’m good,” and he was still going to go on with it, but I think he let his ego get involved in this? And instead of taking a step back, and saying you know what, let’s make this a teachable moment, whereas we include our LGBTQ friends, and learn from this, he just decided to step down. He could have took a step up.

Later, actress and comedian Sherri Shepherd visits to talk about her upcoming film Brian Banks, eating right and dating. She also has some interesting opinions on Kevin Hart’s situation.