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On Wednesday, Dec. 5, the hosts of The Real discussed Cardi B’s big announcement on Instagram that she and husband Offset are splitting up, and co-host Jeannie Mai made a confession about her own decade long marriage.

Mai shared that she knew within one year of marriage she knew it wasn’t right for her.

Hand to heart, I swear, any woman who has been divorced – in that year? You know. You have red flags if it’s not going to work. I did,” Mai said. Adding that her “women’s intuition” typically doesn’t fail.

Adrienne Houghton chimed in and agreed with Mai, “sometimes it’s best to just nip it in the bud,” she said.

Of Houghton’s divorced friends, “almost every single person says within the first year they knew, ‘wow, I’ve made a mistake.'”

The ladies support Cardi’s decision, because “you don’t have to wait so long when you know what’s right for you,” according to Mai.

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2 thoughts on “The Ladies Of ‘The Real’ On Cardi B And Offset’s Separation [Video]

  1. Phoenix Rising on said:

    Immaturity at it’s best. They were only sexually attracted to one another. Outside of the bedroom, they had nothing in common except to make money, and now they have a baby. They both were fooling themselves and lying when they said “I do”. There was no way either one of them believed that if something serious happened to the other, that they would be there to wipe that person’s @ss. Neither one of them had that type of commitment to sustain a marriage.

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