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On Monday, Nov. 12, The Real remembers the victims of last week’s Thousand Oaks shooting, including co-host Tamera Mowry-Housley’s niece, Alaina Housley. Co-host Loni Love recalls being with the Housleys that night, while co-host Jeannie Mai remembers hearing the terrible news about Alaina. And co-host Adrienne Houghton has messages to share from Tamera and husband Adam.

Guest co-hosting this week is White House Correspondent, Washington Bureau Chief of American Urban Radio Networks and CNN Political Analyst April Ryan. April responds to being called “nasty” recently by President Donald Trump, and discusses whether she feels the president has a problem with women of color.

US Mass Shootings: Here Are The Faces Of Those Responsible
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6 thoughts on “The Real Remembers Alaina Housley With Guest Co-Host April Ryan [Videos]

  1. youdontneedtoknowwhoiam on said:

    Who cares if Loni was with the Housleys when it happened? I’m sure other family members and regular folks were there as well. Loni sit your ass down somewhere, after what you did to Tamera. I lost all respect for you shit starter

  2. youdontneedtoknowwhoiam on said:

    Ok so Im sure we all feel for the Housleys but her neice is not the only one who passed away. The others had lives as well. Oh but they may not have a famous aunt or uncle so we will just say to them RIP. Well no!! enough already about Alaina! we know who she is and where she came from but what about the others? Bring their parents on the show, grieve with them and let them know that their children mattered too!! Let the young lady RIP and let us get to know the others!

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