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NEW YORK (AP) — President Trump’s combative relationship with the media deteriorated further Wednesday with a news conference where he called some reporters rude and accused a PBS reporter of posing a racist question when she asked him about white nationalists.

“It’s such a hostile media,” Trump said during his post-midterms news conference at the White House, after ordering reporter April Ryan of the American Urban Radio Networks to sit down when she tried to ask him a question.

The president complained that the media did not cover the humming economy and was responsible for much of the country’s divided politics. He said that “I can do something fantastic, and they make it look not good.”

His exchanges with CNN’s Jim Acosta and NBC News’ Peter Garrett turned bitterly personal, unusual even for a forum where the nature of their jobs often put presidents and the press at odds.

“I came in here as a nice person wanting to answer questions and I had people jumping out of their seats screaming questions at me,” said Trump, who talked for nearly 90 minutes despite the run-ins with reporters.

Acosta and Trump began sparring after the CNN White House correspondent asked him about why a so-called caravan of migrants heading from Latin America to the southern U.S. border was emphasized as an issue in the just-concluded midterm races. Acosta questioned Trump calling the migrants march an invasion and Trump defended the term.

“You should let me run the country,” Trump said. “You run CNN and if you did it well, your ratings would be much better.”

When Acosta pressed on with another question, Trump said “that’s enough!” and a White House aide unsuccessfully tried to grab the microphone from Acosta.

After Acosta asked about the investigation of Russia’s involvement in the 2016 election and Trump tried to turn to Garrett.

“CNN should be ashamed of itself having you work for them,” the president said. “You are a rude, terrible person. You shouldn’t be working for CNN. The way you treat Sarah Sanders is horrible. The way you treat other people is horrible. You shouldn’t treat people that way.”

Garrett came to his colleague’s defense. “I’ve traveled with him and watched him,” Garrett said. “He’s a diligent reporter who busts his butt like the rest of us.”

“I’m not a big fan of yours, either,” Trump replied.

“I understand,” Garrett said, attempting to ask a question. At that point, Acosta stood back up and began mentioning, without a microphone, the explosive devices that were recently sent to CNN and some of the president’s political opponents.

“Just sit down,” Trump said. “When you report fake news, which CNN does a lot, you are the enemy of the people.”

CNN, through its public relations department Twitter feed, said that Trump’s attacks on the press have gone too far.

“They are not only dangerous, they are disturbingly un-American,” CNN said. “While President Trump has made it clear he does not respect a free press, he has a sworn obligation to protect it. A free press is vital to democracy, and we stand behind Jim Acosta and his fellow journalists everywhere.”

Trump made several references in his news conference to how he feels mistreated by the press. He said he’s damned by the press for having either too few, too many or just the right amount of press availabilities.

He turned specifically on reporter Yamiche Alcindor of PBS’ “NewsHour.” She said that “on the campaign trail, you called yourself a nationalist. Some people saw that as emboldening white nationalists…” Trump interrupted her, calling it a racist question. Alcindor pressed on. “There are some people who say the Republican Party is seen as supporting white nationalists because of your rhetoric. What do you say to that?”

Trump talked about his supposed popularity with black Americans, and said he’s more interested in advancing America’s interests than having a globalist point of view.

“To say that, what you said, is so insulting to me,” he said. “It’s a very terrible thing you said to me.”

Alcindor moved on to a different topic. Later, via Twitter, she said that she has interviewed white nationalists who say they are more excited by Trump than they have been about other presidents. “Even if President Trump doesn’t intend it, some see him as directly appealing to the racists,” she wrote.

On CNN, anchor Jake Tapper said that there was nothing racist about her question and that Trump’s reaction was unfathomable.

Trump told Ryan repeatedly to sit down when she attempted to ask Trump about charges of voter suppression. He said she was rude for interrupting another reporter, although he did briefly answer one of Ryan’s questions.






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23 thoughts on “WATCH: Trump Goes Off On Media (Including April Ryan) During Heated Press Conference

  1. President Obama did not accomplish everything I expected of him, but it had a lots to do with the obstructionists in charge of Congress. President Obama carried himself with CLASS. What can be said about the one now in office. NOTHING GOOD AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. And many blacks felt/fell that way about the POTUS Spade he could do no wrong
    when In fact he did nothing for black America but make us fell proud when we collect our foodstamps, unemployment or welfare

  3. Some Caucasians have a one TRACK mind, can’t see from any other angle. They have been looking for a GREAT WHITE HOPE, since President Obama served two terms. It doesn’t matter what TRUMP DO or SAY, he is their GOD, so in him, they believe they are really somebody. You know they have been treated TERRIBLE, since coming to AMERICA.

    • Well she is a stripper hoe so I’m sure she could whip that sucker off pretty quick
      However after the ass beat down the SS would give her I doubt shed still be as desirable

  4. LLLLLONG over due Jim (p@ssy Boy) Acosta and April (Mini-Me) Ryan are constantly trying to make to be the story if a FOX reporter had behaved this way toward Obama Black folk would be calling for the network to be shut down

    • The behavior of the clown in chief was a travesty. How can he keep getting away with this behavior. He’s mentally disturbed. He kept acting like he was going to walk away from the stage and turned back around. He is not well. Poor thang!!!

      • What’s mentally deranged is the libtard/biased media obsessing over bullsh!t
        CNN’s on polling shows Americans aren’t concerned with Russia, health care and immigration were at the top of voters concerns and now you have “she coon “ Malt-Licka-Max and other Dem’s announcing Obstruction and Investigations in the house
        Yep go ahead with that and see with happens in 2020 (hint remember what happened with the Rep’s and the Clinton investigations in the 90’s)

    • Michael Middleton on said:

      jhuff….You need to have yourself checked. Black folks are not your problem. Your inner madness and bitterness is your own responsibility to resolve. Get yourself some help from someone capable of helping out your particular situation.

      • My words exactly for all of you TDS sufferers Trump is defiantly not the enemy of we the black people CNN should do some reporting on the carnage going on in black communities throughout this nation, at least BAW does run stories on it from time to time

      • Phoenix Rising on said:

        Carnage in the black communities? As usual, JH always have sh*t twisted backwards. Dude, did you not just see what just happened in Cali overnight in YOUR white community? CNN needs to focus on just what they’re focusing on…the wave of angry, crazy, white men on a killing spree, to include your orange loony bird leader, and the damage they’re doing to this country.

      • PR you talk about sh!t twisted you are clueless, Dude do you see what happens EVERY weekend in just Chicago alone there’s at least 2 CA shooting hell over the 4th of July wknd there was the equivalent of 5

    • The eyes don’t lie. We canvsee that this thing is I’ll equipped to be prez. He’s not fit. That ignorant ranmous was just rambling in that fake news conference. He couldn’t hardly put a sentence together. Poor thang! Get him some help, ASAP!!!!

  5. If you CAN’T stand the HEAT—–
    Chump really showed his ass at the news conference when things became UGLY when
    reporters stepped to him with some INTELLIGENT questions which of course, his DUMBASS
    COULD NOT and WOULD NOT answer.

    It seems like whenever news reporters attempt to hold Chump’s feet to the fire,
    he cries foul with that “Fake News” shit.

    Now that the Dems have control of Congress–they NEED to grow some BALLS
    and gather up all the dirt needed to take Chump and his ENTIRE administration down.

    If Bill Clinton was almost impeached for getting a knob job–surely this TURD SHOULD
    BE IMPREACHED!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Michael Middleton on said:

    Hopefully someday Americans will realize that Trump is seriously mentally challenged. To continuously excuse his psychological because of a title or status is doing him and this country much harm. This man is really sicker than one can imagine. His reasoning, rationale and behavior skills are very abnormal.

    • Phoenix Rising on said:

      Yup. His father died of Dementia/Alzheimer’s, and his older brother died as an alcoholic. This is a flawed/defective man, and he has all the traits of a crazy bat sh*t looney bird! It’s only a matter of time before he goes off the deep end. He needs to be looked at clinically.

  7. Tim Gravely on said:

    The makings of a wannabe Hitler. Reputable networks like CNN, MSNBC shouldn’t focus on his Nationalist rallies. Come on Dems, start impeachment – what have you got to lose. That’s also what you promised. Show the world that the Orange Emperor has no clothes. We already know that he is an idiot. Kudos to the media for continuing to press. I love how he still has loyal white dogs like Ted Cruz and Sessions.

  8. This thing is an embarrassment to the US. He’s a unhinged idiot. His behavior is beyond approach. I hope they do find he has obstructed justice, which will be grounds for impeachment.

  9. Gotdamn!!!!! Why havent they cursed him out yet. At least April. Just reading this shtzz makes me lose my cool. Cant wait for this bastard to go down. By knock out…impeachment or indictment. His day is comin!!

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