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A white man from Arkansas was arrested on election day after he allegedly made more than 40 calls to CNN headquarters, some of which included death threats against CNN anchor Don Lemon, USA Today reports.

Benjamin Craig Matthews, 39,  faces five felony counts of terroristic threatening, nine misdemeanor counts of harassing communications and four misdemeanor counts of second-degree terroristic threatening. He was being held in the Baxter County jail on a $15,000 bond.

According to the publication, Matthews began making the calls to CNN on Oct. 31. Matthews allegedly made three calls to the network that day. In one of the calls, Matthews reportedly threatened to beat up Lemon. Later in the day, Matthews was reportedly verbally abusive with an operator.

He is accused of calling the network six times in the span of 23 minutes on Nov.1.  During one of the calls Matthews allegedly asked to be directed to Lemon’s “dead body hanging from a tree.” During another call in that time frame, he reportedly asked the operator to help kill Lemon.

On Nov. 2, Matthews is accused of placing another six calls to the network during another 23-minute time span. In three of those calls, Matthews is accused of asking his calls be directed to “pipe bombs for Don Lemon.”

The affidavit noted Matthews alleged calls appeared to suggest a pattern of harassment based on certain political beliefs.

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9 thoughts on “Arkansas Man Accused Of Making Death Threats Against CNN Anchor Don Lemon

  1. Mr Lemon get you a gun so if they come there shot his ass and then call the cops better him then you. So tired of them followers of trump thinking they can threatened people because they don’t believe what they believe. Vote 2020 so we can get trump the dump out. and know this I have my gun ready for any of trump nuts.

  2. These white wing nuts and kooks are probably threatening the blk reporters that the nut in chief was disparaging in his bizarre fake news conference this wk. What a weak, overweight fat azz excuse of a man. HE’S A DAMN BULLY

  3. It seems like any Person of Color who DARES to speak TRUTH under Chump’s regime, is now receiving DEATH THREATS.

    Don Lemon keeps it REAL and tells it LIKE it is.
    That’s why Chump and his REDNECK Base cannot stand him.
    Too damn bad.

    Keep On Speaking the TRUTH, Don!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Alberta on said:

    Walmart might be sending Don threats. They’re located in AK…just saying. If you ever worked for Walmart then you know they harass people for no reason at all. Lol = D bunch of Rude weird, drug addicts, drunks & whoremongers work there yeah they’re your supervisors. Just look at them next time you shop. Lol they should call Walmart AK-Ghetto Mart.

    • He’s not married. The guy is probably out on bail. A $15,000 bond. If he threatened a white man it would have been a million dollar bond. That just prove how much the just them value blk lives.

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