True, celebrities have fame and fortune and some even get an occasional death threat.  That has to be very scary especially when it is sometimes sent from somewhere out there in cyberspace from some faceless (perhaps) psycho. Here are just a few celebs that have gotten death threats over the last few years.

1. Rick Ross

Rapper Rick Ross was recently threatened by a Chicago gang for mentioning one of their founders in a video.

2. President Obama

President Obama has received more than 10 death threats since he took office in 2008.

3. Chris Brown

Recently, a woman broke into Brown’s home and was waiting for him in bed when he arrived home.

4. Halle Berry

Madonna’s throat in the past and was actually shot by her bodyguard in 1995 after he trespassed onto Madonna’s property. (Photo: PR Photos)

5. Keri HIlson

Keri Hilson finally had a Twitter breakdown begging Beyonce fans to leave her alone. For years she has endured countless death threats and verbal abuse from Bey Bey’s diehard fans.

6. Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger

\In 2011, X Factor judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger received death threats from some angry fans after eliminating 14-year-old Drew from the competition. (Photo: PR Photos)

7. Kanye West

Kanye revealed he went into hiding for six months after receiving death threats following his outburst during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the MTV video music awards. (Photo: PR Photos)

8. Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian received death threats last year after wishing peace for Israel via Twitter. Some Twitter users went as far as tweeting things such as “kill yourself,” “die in hell,” and “I’ll pray you will die Kim” is a small sampling of some of the nicer ones. (Photo: PR Photos)

9. Justin Bieber

Most recently, an inmate ordered a hit on Justin Bieber and his manager. The instructions… castrate and strangle. The would-be hit men were pulled over and arrested for outstanding warrants and held after a phone conversation was overheard discussing the plot. (Photo: PR Photos)

10. Dr. Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray, his girlfriend Nicole Alvarez, his attorneys and even his spokesperson reportedly received death threats over Micheal’s passing. (Photo: AP)

11. Michael Vick

Vick had to cancel appearances to promote his new book because of death threats against him and his family in regard to his past involvement in a dog fighting ring. News Flash, Folks! He served time for his crime . . . let it be. (Photo: AP)

12. Rebecca Black

In 2011, a 13-year-old Rebecca Black responsible for the pop hit ‘Friday’ received death threats after the song went viral. Two of the threats were serious enough to be investigated by police. (Photo: PR Photos)

13. Selena Gomez

Soon after Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went public with their relationship, a hate campaign, along with death threats, from some very jealous Justin fans started up. (Photo: PR Photos)

14. Karrueche

After Rihanna and Chris were spotted court-side at the Lakers game on Christmas Day last year, Tran took to the social networking site and called the pair out as “Liars”. Soon after, fans of Brown and Rihanna responded with death threats towards Karrueche.