Shaun King: The Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice Was Fired From His New Police Job


Today is one of those days where I have more to say than I have actual time to say so I am just going to jump right in.

First, I’ll start us off with some good news.

As you may have heard, last week in Bellaire, Ohio, the police chief there decided to hire a despicable cop by the name of Timothy Loehmann. That’s the Cleveland Police Officer who shot and killed 12 year old Tamir Rice. When Loehmann did so he broke several department policies, violated his own training, and took the life of a sweet little boy. But what’s wild is that just 9 months before he murdered Tamir, he was fired from his previous department as well. And on his exit documents, his supervising officer said that he should never work in law enforcement again.

Well, Cleveland hired anyway, failing to even do a background check, and 9 months later he did the unthinkable.

So, when we learned that he was hired yet again by another police department in Ohio, I’ll be frank with you, we were shocked. I never thought anybody would hire him again. The man is a massive liability. He’s a horrible cop. And hiring him also devastated Tamir’s mother, Samaria, but she decided to fight back. Tens of thousands of us called and emailed the Bellaire Police Department – completely overwhelming their systems – to tell them what we think about this hire – and yesterday they announced that Timothy Loehmann had already quit.

We did that.

And listen to me – we might not always get justice the way we want, but I need men like George Zimmerman and Darren Wilson and Timothy Loehmann to know this – we will never forget what they did to our boys and it will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Shifting gears for a minute – You may have heard that a brilliant journalist for the Washington Post, Jamal Khashoggi, is believed to have been murdered in Turkey last Tuesday. I did not know Jamal personally, but I am good friends with many of his good friends and neighbors, and his editor at the Washington Post is one of my favorite people at the paper.

It appears that the government of Saudia Arabia – led by Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman – ordered and orchestrated Jamal’s assassination – and fully believed they could get away with it. It’s one of the ugliest I’ve seen in my entire life. Jamal was literally going into a government office to get paperwork for his upcoming marriage to the love of his life – and it appears a 15 person hit squad literally abducted and murdered Jamal right there inside of the Saudi Arabian consulate.

It not only puts the United States government in a horrible position, but it also puts dozens of American celebrities and CEO’s in a horrible position, because they’ve all buddied up with the Crown Prince there, but I wanna be clear on something – that man is a monster. Shame on our government and business leaders and celebrities for ignoring all of his other human rights abuses.

But now, we are calling on those same executives and government leaders and celebrities to speak out. What happened here is not just wrong, it violates international law, and is an affront to all journalists around the world.

But here’s the thing – in a time where Donald Trump almost daily says that journalists are the enemy of the people, it’s no wonder the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia thought he could murder a journalist from the Washington Post and get away with it.

I have to run but I have one last thing to share with you, and you can see this despicable picture on all of my social media accounts. Last night we discovered that the conservative, Trump supporting sheriff of Union County, Arkansas has been forcing everybody they arrest to take their mugshots in Nike t-shirts – in an attempt to embarrass both Nike and Colin Kaepernick. The images are disgusting and degrading and within hours of me posting them online, someone from the sheriff’s office began taking all of the pictures from their website.

He should be removed from office for such a stunt, but ultimately, bigots always tell on themselves. They always expose their hatred and ugliness to the world. I’m going to keep digging on this story – and over the next few days I am going to share some ways for you to help us get justice for Jamal Khashoggi – the Washington Post journalist who was murdered last week. We can’t just let that happen and do nothing.

Take care everybody!


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6 thoughts on “Shaun King: The Cop Who Killed Tamir Rice Was Fired From His New Police Job

  1. Good riddance to that OH pig-hopefully for the last time.
    As for that AR razorback sheriff-Nike ought to sue HIS porky ass.
    “It not only puts the United States government in a horrible position, but it also puts dozens of American celebrities and CEO’s in a horrible position, because they’ve all buddied up with the Crown Prince there, but I wanna be clear on something – that man is a monster. Shame on our government and business leaders and celebrities for ignoring all of his other human rights abuses.”
    Shaun you overlooked one important point (which the Trumpanzees by nature ignore). Der Donald is the First American Celebrity to buddy up and kiss Mohammed Bin Salman’s ass.Trump’s Islamophobia act is for the benefit of his deplorably ignorant zombie base. He doesn’t hate all Muslims,and he certainly loves the Saudi royal family for bailing out his frequently bankrupt ass;which is why Saudi Arabia is conspiculously absent from his list of immigration- banned Muslim countries.Worst of all he’s pushing our country (of course unwittingly by this witless POTUS ) to take sides in what has been a 1400 year old sectarian civil war in the Middle East between the Sunni and Shiite denominations of Islam.
    He and his warlike foreign policy experts (e.g. John Bolton) have determined that the “good” Muslims are Sunnis who make up the majority of Saudi Arabia,Syria,and most ME countries,and the “bad” Muslims are Shiites who predominate the population of Iran,Iraq and a few other Gulf states.
    Historically America has played both ends against the middle dealing with Muslim political leaders of all sects-the good,the bad,and the ugly-according to whomever worked toward our political and economic advantage in the Cold War;especially regarding the oil market.In 1953 Eisenhower had the CIA induce a military coup in Iran,overthrowing the liberal democratically elected government of Mohammed Mossadegh and placing the tyrannical (but more “pro” Western) Shah back on his golden throne.In the 80’s Reagan regarded Saddam Hussein as an ally against Iran,after the Ayatollah Khomeini led a 1979 revolution which deposed the Shah and replaced him with a Shiite dominated theocracy-also undemocratic but anti-Western as well.
    That’s how Saddam got most of his WMD’s,from Reagan-intended to be used in Iraq’s war against Iran.Saddam became a “bad” guy in the early 90’s when Iraq invaded Kuwait and remained as such after losing the Gulf War.By the turn of the century a Saudi activist named Osama Bin Laden (who led the uprising of “freedom fighters” against the Soviets in Afghanistan,also supported by Reagan),plotted the 9/11 attacks-all but one of his terrorists also being Saudis.By then those “freedom fighters” had become the Taliban who turned Afghanistan into a theocracy so religiously fanatic (training the 9/11 gang) and oppressive they made Iran(which by then at least staged “free” elections which had to be blessed by a permanent electoral college of mullahs) almost look like a Western-style democracy.
    In reaction to 9/11 Bush Jr. had us invade Afghanistan and we initially won that war driving the Taliban out of Kabul. Using the excuse that Saddam still had WMD’s however,W decided to invade Iraq in 2003 and by the time we realized that he got rid of them before our invasion the Taliban regrouped and what was a 6-month victory turned into a 16-year Afghan quagmire.
    Even Obama,who should have known better, decided to”draw a line in the sand” in Syria supporting a hopeless uprising of Sunni “moderates” against the Shiite dictator Assad,even though he had never been at war against us.They were inadvertantly intertwined in an anti-Assad alliance with ISIS (made up mostly of militant Sunnis )which forcefully seceded a Syrian province turning it into a so-called caliphate.Now we have Trump who of course takes full credit for totally destroying ISIS (when actually they went back underground) as well as the caliphate-with more than a little help from his Russian friends.

  2. pac4me on said:

    I am glad that those of us without the same resources have a Shaun King out there working for the good. Praying that you are able to keep doing what you do and getting and sharing the results that we need to know so that we can make the right decisions in these trying times – I’m also praying that we let those fools hear us when we unite in our voting power come this November. People (especially our women) – please, please VOTE!

  3. americanize on said:

    These arabs are devils to,they are still beheading there citizens in the public square,especialy women.These bastards was in the slave trade a thousand years before the white devils.

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