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Tamir Rice was killed on November 23, 2014 by Cleveland police officer Timothy Loehmann. While playing with a pellet gun outside of a recreation center, surveillance footage showed Loehmann and his partner drove up on the 12-year-old and shot him within 2 seconds. The 26-year-old was never indicted for the killing.

It took nearly 3 years for him to be fired as a police officer in 2017 after it was discovered he was deemed “unfit for duty” at a previous department.

Now, it has been reported that Loehmann has been rehired as a police officer.

According to The Times Leader, Bellaire Police Chief Richard Flanagan confirmed Friday that he hired Loehmann because he believes “he deserves a second chance.” Flangan said, “He was cleared of any and all wrongdoing.  He was never charged. It’s over and done with.”

This is deeply despicable considering shooting a 12-year-old should never be “over and done with.” Furthermore, Loehmann’s former boss said of his ability to be a cop, “He could not follow simple directions, could not communicate clear thoughts nor recollections, and his handgun performance was dismal.” He also said, “I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct the deficiencies.”

Samaria Rice, Tamir’s mother, said in a statement to The Daily Beast that “given his [Loehmann] history—including breaking down and crying during training and rushing upon and slaying a 12-year-old child—Loehmann doesn’t belong on any police force, anywhere, period.” The statement continued,  “And he shouldn’t be foisted upon the citizenry anywhere.”

How awful that Loehhmann gets a second chance, but Tamir Rice is gone with no justice.


Listing Of Criminal Charges On Tamir RIce Incident Report Explained

Source: Getty Images / JORDAN GONZALEZ/AFP / Getty Images


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8 thoughts on “Officer Who Killed Tamir Rice Rehired As A Cop: ‘He Deserves A Second Chace’

  1. Beatrice Brown on said:

    Oh it’s a matter of time ,you do reap what you sow ,Karma is a real B…. ! He gonna get his,its coming to him on those same streets he swore to protect and serve.

  2. The Police department that hired that murdered is no better than him. Tamir was doing what most twelve year olds do, playing . That BUM didn’t attempt to find out what was going on with Tamir, he jump out his car and begin unloading on a 12 year old. The only thing that BUM is entitle to is sitting behind Jail bars for life.

  3. Christianforreal on said:

    It is not ‘over and done with’, because this police officer who was given a second chance will take his second chance and kill another Black person. I do agree that maybe he should be given a second chance, everyone does when they make a mistake and the size of the mistake shouldn’t dictate. However, had he already had his second chance? If the department prior to the one he was with when he shot Tamir, deemed him unfit for the job, then it is highly likely that something pretty serious happened there, as well. The sad part is that he didn’t just one day become unfit. He was unfit coming out of the academy and his superiors knew this. Who did/does he know??

  4. Mac Daddy not Babby Daddy on said:

    Any accountability for his mother with an arms length criminal record who gave him access to a realistic gun with the orange tip removed to fool victims? Waiting

  5. stephanie Jones on said:

    Deserve a second chance for what? where is Rice second chance? this swine was given a second chance to murder more unarmed black youth, and he will murder again.

  6. Tamir Rice deserved a chance to live period!!! But this is trumps americkkka and it’s o my going to get worse. Full stop!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Unfortunately this is what will be in trump’s America ,this man deserves a second chance according to this stupid police chief, I feel Tamir Rice deserved a chance a being a kid,to play to grow up to be a productive citizen.THIS ISN’T OVER AND DONE WITH, BECAUSE COPS LIKE THIS ONE ARE ALL OVER THIS COUNTRY AND SADLY TRAGEDIES LIKE TAMIR WILL CONTINUE AND AS LONG AS THE VICTIMS STAY BLACK OFFICERS WILL CONTINUE TO GET OFF. SHOUT OUT TO CHICAGO FOR GETTING ONE RIGHT

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