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Former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson emerged (or crawled from under a rock) this weekend at a Trivia-night fundraiser for Hunt For Justice, a local pro-police group that tellingly raises money through “gun raffles.” There are some reports that the event was a fundraiser for Wilson himself.

Wilson is the former Ferguson police officer who shot and killed unarmed teenager Mike Brown last summer. Wilson was not indicted for Brown’s death, sparking protests that have continued in Ferguson to this day, as well as a Department of Justice investigation that exposed rampant racism in the Ferguson police and court systems.

News of the Wilson appearance broke on Monday after a Hunt for Justice Facebook post made social media rounds. “Thank you Darren Wilson for being our guest and speaking to the HFJ Trivia crowd. You inspired the crowd and we are truly grateful! It was an honor to stand with you and we look forward to the future!” read the caption.

The entire Facebook page has been since been made private.

When the page was public, Hunt For Justice Facebook description says the org defends and protects law endormcement officers against “very real, evil people who desire to falsely claim and charge law enforcement officers while in the process of perfoming their jobs.”

Hunt For Justice is a non-profit entity comprised of volunteers who are motivated to defend and protect law enforcement officers across this great country that selflessly serve all of us day in and day out for undervalued wages. Despite their devotion and work to protect us, unfortunately, there are very real, evil people who desire to falsely claim and charge law enforcement officers while in the process of performing their jobs.

We are a group that spends countless hours doing research and are involved in the trenches providing help with public relations, marketing, and fundraising to provide an appropriate intrinsic value to the wrongfully accused.

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5 thoughts on “Darren Wilson Surfaces At Ferguson Area Fundraiser

  1. Christianforreal on said:

    Come on, people we must be honest with ourselves, especially when we start labeling others. Based upon the video and evidence presented, Darren Wilson was justified in protecting himself. As a civilian, I do believe that he should have ‘shot to maim’, as opposed to ‘shot to kill’ but either way Mike Brown was the aggressor. The officer, who shot Tamir Rice and the man who shot Trayvon Martin (George Zimmerman) both should currently be on death row, but Darren Wilson WAS defending himself. I liken this event to the untruth about Rosa Parks. There were many during that period in history who deliberately fought for the civil rights of all colored people. Rosa Parks was NOT one them. She accepted an honor that she did not deserve. She was tired and her feet hurt that night. Yes, she was tired of getting up and having to give her seat to her white counterpart, but she not was fighting civil rights that night. She was fighting for her hurting feet. Mike Brown was committing a crime and charged the police officer at the scene AFTER harassing and assaulting a much smaller store owner. He should not have been killed, but Darren Wilson probably panicked when he saw that huge man-child running at him. Understandable!!!!

  2. Linda on said:

    It must have been a Ferguson KKK meeting!!!!!

    This POS needs to simply go somewhere and hide–keep a very low profile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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