Black Moms Matter: Cursing Kids?


Recently Amber Rose shared that she lets her 5-year-old son, Sebastian, curse. She says she’s okay with it because cursing is a form of expression. Kym and Sherri strongly disagree. They’re more “old school,” and believe the “new generation” of parents let their kids do whatever they want! Do you let your children curse?


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2 thoughts on “Black Moms Matter: Cursing Kids?

  1. CHARITY DELL on said:

    1. Cursing children will reap negative consequences all their lives.
    They will experience more violence from angry classmates, angry playmates and
    angry adults who will NOT TOLERATE A FILTHY-MOUTHED CHILD.

    2. Filthy language, vulgar expressions and four-letter cuss words severely limit vocabulary
    development in children, adolescents and adults.

    3. Permitting inappropriate language in children means that the parents will be
    cursed out and cussed out by their own offspring.

    4. Cursing/cussing children of color ALWAYS fare WORSE–and will be PUNISHED MORE SEVERELY–by school staff, law enforcement and any adult with authority.

    Permitting young children to “express themselves” in this manner is essentially, setting
    them up to be maladaptive and unable to negotiate life. There is absolutely NO advantage
    for any child of color to be allowed to spew vulgarity and filth and form bad speech habits
    early in life. Cursing/cussing vulgar children become cursing/cussing vulgar adults–and this
    does not help a child of color to flourish at school, in the workplace or in relationships!

    Bad habits in childhood NEED TO BE STOPPED. Poor parenting dooms too many children
    of color to a BAD LIFE.

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