Some businesses have policies that state “no kids allowed,” like beauty salons. Sherri finds the rules to be discriminatory, but Kym is okay with them. Some kids are bad and nobody wants to be anywhere with your “bad a** kids,” Kym says. She explains that she’s never offended when Joshua isn’t welcome places because he […]

Kids can be so embarrassing! Children truly have no filter, including when it comes to food. When Sherri was a little girl she smelled food before she ate it, and when she smelled her church member’s curry shrimp she wasn’t shy about announcing that it stunk. Needless to say, her mother was not pleased.

Moms think they know their children, but sometimes they learn shocking things about them. For example, Kym learned that her son Joshua is a “pathological liar.” The kid lies about things that make no sense, like if she asks him if he’s awake or sleeping he’ll say “mommy I’m sleeping.” She knew she really had […]

A mother knows her child! They know their child so well they can sense a lie. Kym Whitley has it easy, she can literally smell a lie because her son Joshua passes gas when he gets nervous. Sherri has it easy too because Jeffery speaks significantly slower when he’s telling a lie.

Halloween is a fun and “spooky” day and part of the fun is seeing everyone’s costumes. But, not all costumes are great. Sherri has dressed Jeffery up as a dollar sign before in hopes that his dad would see it and realize how expensive it is to raise a child. What’s the worst costume you’ve […]

Religion is a big part of a lot of families. This is also true for Kym and Sherri, so when asked what they would do if their sons told them they weren’t going to church anymore, they were speechless. Kym’s first thought would be to throw holy water on him.

When shopping for toys for your children there are a lot of things to consider. One being if you strictly but Black characters and dolls or if you buy others as well. Sherri and Kym both had white dolls growing up but understand the importance of Black kids having Black dolls.

Kids are just like the rest of us, they like to have a little change in their pockets. But, as a parent it’s up to you to teach them the vale of money. Which is why Kym treats Joshua’s money like a job, when he does well he get money added, but when he doesn’t […]

As times have changed, so has parenting. Back in the day parents would squeeze all of the kids in one car, and no they didn’t have seat belts. Back in the day parents whopped their kids with anything like a switch or a hot wheel track. Even the things that Kym’s parents said to her […]

Recently a story came out that Ice-T’s wife is still breastfeeding their daughter and she’s almost 4 years old. Kym says that’s way too old! The baby isn’t even a baby anymore, she has teeth and is going to kindergarten next year! She says if your child can come up to you and tell you […]

Sherri’s parents used to tell her “you smell like a pole cat” when she came from playing outside. She never thought she smelled bad so she ignored them. Her parents said “you’ll see when you have kids.” Now she understands, she says sometimes Jeffery “smells like his butt is on his face!”

If your child had a really fine teacher who asked you on a date would you accept? Kym and Sherri would! Especially if it helps their kids get better grades. They’re both willing to do whatever it takes for their child to succeed. But only if the teacher looks like Idris Elba, neither of their […]