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R&B songbird Tweet is best known for her debut solo single, “Oops (Oh My)”, a risqué song about self-love and appreciation. But fans may not know that a few years ago, her daughter Shenice revealed that her mother struggled with alcohol abuse and it caused a major strain on their relationship.

As reported by, Shenice revealed this on The Lexi Show:

“I remember her [Tweet] always being numb and very depressed. She was always intoxicated. I never really saw my Mom sober. […] She was always out, enraged. She went through a very dark period in her life and she was angry with the world…very depressed, VERY depressed,” she said.

Adding: “I thought it [Tweet’s alcoholism] was normal…I just wanted to help my Mom. […] I didn’t know really what was going on, because I just knew she came home and she was gone for years. So when she came home and was home every day, I didn’t wake up and she was gone, I was happy with that. But I didn’t like the state that she was in, but being 8 and 9, you don’t really know what to do, but just pray…that’s all I really could do. My grandmother was my rock through all of it. She was my best friend…she taught me everything.”

Shenice sad she always assumed her mother’s anger was her fault.

“I would just ask [my Grandmother] why is she so mad at me? I thought it was my fault…because I’m just like ‘My Mom’s not here, I never get to go with her, she’s so mad.’ We [Tweet and her daughter] never really communicated. So I thought it was just me, so my Grandmother would just keep me in her room, put oil on me, and pray LOL. That’s all we really knew to do- was pray at the time. […] She didn’t wanna tell me anything either because I was young. So she just told me to pray.”

According to the report, “Tweet was a part of Devante Swing’s (of Jodeci) group, Sugah, from 1994 to 2000 and after no success, she left and moved back home with her parents and her daughter and that’s what sparked her alcohol addiction,” ILOSM writes.

“Nothing was coming up [no job]…didn’t have any money, and I remember my father had this old Lincoln. You know the Lincoln where the seats you to pull out and you could find the change in there? Change! I used to get the change and go and buy a 40. And that’s how I started drinking and drinking, and I put all of my problems into a bottle,” Tweet reportedly said.

“Nothing was working out, so that was my solution. [I] started getting very depressed, thinking suicidal, I had it all planned out.[…] I wanted the easy way out, I don’t wanna stab myself or anything like that. ‘Let’s just take some pills…and not wake up.’”

Then her daughter chimed in and revealed her own past addiction: “It all goes back to me feeling rejected…I dealt with that from a young age, even with my Dad. […] I just didn’t know what to do. Then “America’s Next Top Model” comes out and I’m watching and this girl is losing so much weight. […] I began to overly eat and then binge. […]I got down to 99 pounds as well. In the 10th grade, that’s when it started and it went all the way up to my freshman year in college.”

She also revealed that her suicide attempt landed her in a mental hospital for a while.

Mom and daughter have reportedly overcome their addictions and have mended their relationship, which they say is a work in progress, the report states.

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