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Don’t ever try to steal from a Black woman!

This is a lesson that a white AT&T worker had to learn the hard way when a customer accused him of using her phone and stealing $50 bucks from her via a cash app.

According to the Shaderoom, the woman was having internet installed in her home when the AT&T worker asked could he use her phone to test to see if the WIFI was working. Well, let the woman tell it, he did more than just that: She claims he stole her coins!

When she realized that her money was missing, she confronted the worker, recorded the confrontation and posted it online for the world to see.

Looking at the video, the unnamed cable and phone worker initially denied stealing from her and said that the transfer may have happened by mistake. But soon after he changed his tune, asking multiple times, “How can we make this right.”

The woman’s response: You better make it right since that money was her fiancé’s and not hers.

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TSR Staff: Kyle Anfernee: @Kyle.Anfernee 🎥: @candycoatedgear #Roommates, get your teacups ready because this tea right here is juicy! A woman called AT&T to set the internet and WiFi up at her house, and the worker tried to pull a fast one on her y’all! ___________________________________ The worker showed up to her house and hooked her internet up and asked to see her phone so he could test the WiFi. While he was testing the WiFi, he allegedly used the woman’s phone to CASHAPP $50 to himself. When she confronted the man he initially denied it but then changed his tune and kept saying “How can we make this right” over and over again. ___________________________________ The woman ended up telling the man that he needed to make it right with her husband since that was his money not hers. ___________________________________ Swipe through to see how it ended!

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The Shaderoom wrote that they later spoke to the woman who claimed that she complained to his supervisors and for the man fired.

If this story is true, what an idiot. Fifty-dollars is not worth losing your job over.

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2 thoughts on “Video Goes Viral Of Woman Confronting AT&T Worker Accused Of Stealing Money From Her Cash App

  1. Goldie 2 on said:

    And this is not the first time an employee from AT&T has stolen from a customer. I did what was supposed to be a “1 time payment” and later learned from the “Fraud Department” that my account had been hacked. Once the Fraud people shut my account down; i opened a new one and learned the thief was someone from AT&T. I got everything back and closed the account with AT&T.

  2. stephanie Jones on said:

    You better believe this is not the first time this thief tried to rip off customers, glad he got fired, I wish the punishment was more severe, I detest thieves

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