A 12-year-old Georgia boy has been removed from his home and placed in DFCS after a disturbing video went viral showing him being abused because of his sexuality.

With the coronavirus on the verge of becoming a worldwide pandemic, it’s no surprise that folks are getting primal over basic supplies. Three women in Australia fought each other hard over a pack of toilet paper at a Woolworths in Chullora on Saturday. Nine News Australia aired the viral video. It started when a mother and […]

A Black mother is going viral after video shows her taking scissors to her daughter’s braids because another stylist braided her hair. The little girl screams and cries as her beads, and what looks like added hair, fall to the ground. “I don’t care. I do her hair,” the mother yells. It’s jarring. According to […]

A stripper named Honey Badger from Texas went viral over the weekend after a video of her plummeting 15 feet from a pole in a nightclub garnered thousands of shares and retweets. Sign Up For Our Newsletter! The woman, whose name is Genea Sky on social media, gave a public comment admonishing her fellow social […]

Delonte West, who played 10 seasons in the NBA for four teams including the Cleveland Cavaliers and Dallas Mavericks as well as stints overseas, was allegedly shown in a video getting beaten up by an unidentified man and talking incoherently in or near Washington, D.C. The video footage first surfaced on social media on Sunday. […]

New York City will pay a Black mother over $600k after her 18-month-old son was forcefully pulled from her arms by officers during an incident at Brooklyn’s Human Resources Administration office last year. Jazmine Headley, 23, was reportedly visiting office to apply for daycare vouchers so that she could begin working as a security guard. […]

Chikesia Clemons is taking further legal action in an ongoing dispute stemming from her April 2018 arrest at an Alabama Waffle House. On Wednesday, noted civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump,filed a complaint against Waffle House on Clemons’ behalf citing unlawful discrimination, intentional infliction of emotional distress, malicious prosecution, and abuse of process, according to WKRG. […]

After a racist video involving a teen goes viral, the sister gives her thoughts.

Last week, two Black women were violently attacked by owners of a Pittsburgh gas station during a dispute that was filmed and went viral. On Monday the Allegheny District Attorney’s office filed assault charges against three men involved in the incident, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports. Their names are Scott Hill, 50, who faces two counts of simple […]

Cassandra Nelson and Donnell Cross were two strangers who met in Walmart, and now they’ve gone viral as a singing sensation. Roland Martin came across the video after Common posted it to his Instagram. Since it was posted it has received 500,000 views! The craziest part of this story is that the video was recorded […]

PHOENIX (AP) — Alex Kack remained mystified Thursday as to how he became an internet sensation when all he did was laugh at a city council meeting in Arizona. “Everyone else was doing something far more active than me honestly. I was just laughing,” Kack told The Associated Press. “You could have watched me do […]