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Black don’t crack is not just an adage, it’s a reality for Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas of TLC fame. The 47-year-old singer, dancer and actress has barely aged since she stepped onto the scene with the group 20 plus years ago. Chilli attributes most of that, not just to good genes, but to holistic health practices. She told Essence about the routine she follows to ensure she stays looking and feeling her best.

“I do acupuncture,” she revealed. “I do a lot of different things to make sure inflammation is not in my body. Most people have inflammation, they don’t even know it because they don’t feel it at the time.”

She continued, “A good chiropractor is also essential because your hips and stuff are not balanced. You don’t know it until you lay on that table and you see one leg is longer.”


And with so many new fads on the market promising to reverse aging, remove fine lines and get rid of that stubborn fat, it’s often hard to determine what’s going to have health benefits for the long run. For Chilli, she undergoes cryotherapy, or cold therapy, regularly.

“I also do red light therapy. That’s also good for inflammation,” she said. “It’s an LED light and it doesn’t burn your skin, but it helps with arthritis. Even if your skin has acne and stuff like that, you can find red light therapy. I suggest doing the whole body. That’s what I do on a consistent basis. I don’t ever feel like I have any injuries.”

Finally, she said that the real key to looking as amazing as she does it eating right — a lot. “That helps and you can enjoy life a lot longer,” she said.


PHOTO: PR Photos, The Real Chilli Instagram




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One thought on “TLC’s Chilli Shares Her Anti-Aging Routine

  1. No matter what you do, father and mother time is going to catch up with you.When you start seeing that gray hair pop up on your hair and elsewhere where we can’t see it, the age process is in effect.
    When that gray hair appear death got a warrant for you, god got your number especially when you start dyeing it.

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