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Mo’Nique, 50, looks radiant in pics she shared online showing off her new fit frame!

The Oscar-winning actress flaunted her new hourglass figure in a tight black number and fans across social media are here for all of the new Mo.

“Today was the first time in my adult life that I’ve been under 200 pounds, so I wanted to let you all know it’s possible and you can do it and we can get there,” she said in an Instagram video on March 29. According to the “Precious” star, she hadn’t dipped below 200 pounds since she was 17, per

“For me it was with no surgery, no prepackaged foods, not listening to no spokespeople saying, ‘it’s easy, you can do it.’ It was just putting in the work and not giving up on me,” she shared in the video. Mo’Nique later revealed her three fitness mantras: “raw food,” “dancing your pants off,” and “giving yourself a chance to live the best life you can live.”

Mo had once weighed around 300 pounds, according to an interview with Fierce, published in 2014.

Last month, she revealed another milestone — being able to wear a jumpsuit!

“OMU! I am in a JUMPSUIT. Having a PROUD MOMENT. It’s the little things, that are the BIGGEST things. LOVE YALL,” she wrote in an Instagram post, accompanied by a picture of the said jumpsuit.




(Photo Credit: Mo’Nique Instagram)

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16 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Flaunts Shocking 100lb. Weight Loss [Photos Inside]

  1. Laura Overstreet on said:

    Auntie Mo.. You Look Amazing.. And Nope We Ain’t Related.. You Just Been On My Tv For A While.. We Need You Back!!… Love You Lots!!❤️❤️

    • vdabney722 on said:

      We’ll all lose some of it when people like you stop coming to pages like this and acting like a fool. Do some self examination. Ask yourself, “Why do I come him nearly every day to insult black women? Why do I have such a problem with them? Did something Happen to me with a black woman or women?” There is something serious wrong or lacking in you dude, and you probably need some help with it. NOBODY spends as much time as you do throwing shade unless there’s a problem. Get Help.

  2. julia riley on said:

    look good girl tell me your secret love you with the weight on of off keep good work up now l think l can do it thank you tell us your story

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