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The drama between actress-comedienne Mo’Nique and mogul movie Tyler Perry has not been put on pause. In fact, Mo kicked the saga into high-gear after releasing a phone conversation of herself, husband-manager Sydney and Perry.

In the recordings, obtained by RollingOut, Tyler admits that the “difficult to work with” brand that has been attributed to Mo’Nique was unfair. He also said he would pay Mo additional money for the movie Precious, something she previously said never happened.

In the audio, Tyler is also heard stating that Mo’Nique should have been paid to promote the movie Precious overseas, another point she has made on several occasions but even Whoopi Goldberg criticized her for it.

Transcribed below are some of the recorded exchanges with Perry.

Note: the content contains profanity.

Sidney: “When you have that same Black man in Lee Daniels in an interview with Sundance — and I’m telling you somebody’s gonna get that interview — they say what was it like to work with Mo’Nique?”

Tyler: “She’s the Black Oprah Winfrey.”

Sidney: “She’s the Black version of Oprah Winfrey, and it was incredible.”

Tyler: “This is why I’m calling you right now. I just watched the podcast. And the reason I’m calling, I sat down here and watched it, and I’m looking at you and I’m looking at Mo’Nique and I see pain there, I see hurt. I don’t want to be a part of anybody, anybody being hurt.”

Mo’Nique: “It ain’t like I’m no b—- that show up at the party and I don’t perform. It ain’t like I show up drunk and high and I don’t know my lines, it ain’t like that. And y’all know that, so when you and that brother [Lee Daniels] got together a year ago, did y’all at any time say, ‘Ah man, what we did to that sister wasn’t fair, it wasn’t fair’?”

Tyler: “I can totally see the way you see that, but this may piss you off 100%, Mo’Nique, but it’s the truth, I never wanted to look back on Precious or any of that. I chalked it up as a bad experience and I was ready to move on and move forward.”

Tyler: “If someone had said, ‘Tyler, this is what you need to do right now’; if you had picked up the phone and said, ‘Hey, somebody needs to do something to help me out here …’ ”

Mo’Nique: “You’re talking in Tyler Perry language. I would ask you to let Mo’Nique talk to Madea, because when you start talking in Tyler Perry language, brother, you talk like you don’t get it. [Tyler laughs] Right, n—a, you gotta laugh at it, cause, let me tell you, Tyler, when I watch your movies, I dig Madea, you know why I dig her? You know why I dig her, Tyler?”

Sidney: “Because she could be your mother.”

Mo’Nique: “You know why I dig her? Because that b—- is real to her gut and she don’t give a f— how it come out. She don’t give a f— how it is taken, but everybody know she love you, but she going to tell you the real sh*t. You see, when you stepped away from Madea and you became Tyler Perry the billionaire, this is the conversation we’re having saying what do you want me to do?

What do you want me to say? You’re the brother that slept in your car [Tyler laughs] and you needed n—as to fight for you to get you up out the god—- car, — see your momma that you love so dearly, this is when the powers that be — everybody saying, ‘Oh my God it’s Oprah and Tyler,’ — they are the ones that can employ her, why ever would she say it? Because I love those n—as, that’s why I’m saying it.

Because 100 years from now that we watched our brothers and sisters die and suffer in poverty and we know what is right, so what I’m saying to you, Madea [would] make Tyler’s a– step his a– up. I’m talking to Madea right now. Madea, I need you to pull Tyler’s ass in the back and say, ‘Baby, you watching this sister and her family starve.

You’re watching it. What do you want me to do? Listen, don’t you play with that baby like that. You know the s— y’all did to her was wrong. You gave $400K – $500K to charity and you know that b—- got $50K. Where’s my pistol? Where’s my pistol? Cause I need to shoot this n—a. Now I’m not going to kill him, I’m going to shoot him in his a– to let him know Madea’s mad as s— right now.’ I appreciate you calling me. What you gonna do?”

Tyler: “This is Tyler Perry talking. I’m gonna call and find out what money is coming in from Precious, and I’m going to send that to you. I’m going to send that over to you. Whatever it is, I’m gonna send it to you.”

Tyler: “I don’t want you to feel, not one day, that you were mistreated, or that you were treated unfairly. Now, if that means that that’s what I need to do, you do that, and take it from a place of love.”

Head over to RollingOut to listen to the audio.



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62 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Secretly Tapes Conversation With Tyler Perry

  1. I could really appreciate this IF (and only if) Mr. Perry was later informed that the discussion was recorded and that he consented to it being publicized.

    Otherwise, it’s usefulness in backing up her claim is diminished. And it not only reasserts that she’s difficult, it makes her appear shady. Attributes I don’t want assigned to her.

    Anyway, I hope everything works out for Mo’Nique.

  2. Rockon on said:

    hear me out Monique single-handedly raise the status quo of tyler.not of being a billionaire and not of being a hard nose comedian nor actor. Any human being to be taken unaware and being smooth like Tyler was; has to be uplifted. Credit and kudos go to Tyler he didn’t promise Monique any lift on her band but still kept her in the past dead zone with a chicken change promise from past work, not future work. And we thought Tyler was????? hell to the no. Genius in my book. Hey, Tyler stop using your kid as an excuse you didn’t need that cause you held your own. Good Job.

  3. Fachon on said:

    I get going after what you feel you deserve (you should)…but making this a reality show in public by wiretapping a conversation with someone that’s holding out a hand for you to take hold of??!??!!! Where is your class? Noone will hold a phone conversation with you (I wouldn’t). Step back and look at your technique…it’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!

  4. Monique Brooks on said:

    This is a sad situation. I don’t feel sorry for Mo’Nique because it seems to me that she made the bed she’s lying in and it has become uncomfortable. The problem is she don’t know how to get out of it and just making her situation worse. When people who feel the need to use excessive profanity to get their point across, that’s usually a sign that they don’t know how to access their situation and find a more civil, intelligent way to get what they want. She is building so many walls around her career that she has basically blacklisted herself. Her husband should not be encouraging her behavior but helping her find a better way to solve the problem of getting paid what she felt she was owed. Problem now is once she gets that money her chances of getting any legitimate work is minimal. Rethink your strategies.

  5. Mike on said:

    The producer for Almost Christmas had a bad experience with MoNique also. She tried to shake him down for money. He said he had to go to bat for her to get the job, now she’s calling him out for doing her wrong. She is over and done thanks to that husband.

  6. tedgravely on said:

    This subject is crossing so many lines, that I want to readdress. Mo’Nique should be celebrated. After all, very few actors/actress win Academy Awards (let alone black ones). Instead we are bashing her for methods and tactics to get her just due. Yes, I think she is wrongheaded in her approach, but desperate people result to desperate measures. Her tactics are archaic and unsophisticated, but she is backed into a corner. Tyler and Lee can put a stop to this by simply saying what Tyler said on the phone, that the “difficult to work with” brand that has been attributed to Mo’Nique was unfair. People stroke the fires of dissension and confusion amongst our people. I’m not one of them. I don’t have a problem stating that I stand with the black woman. The black woman is devalued but simultaneously holding our community together by her sheer love for her black king. Mo’Nique’s husband knows his wife has talent, but he doesn’t know the “political game.” Tyler and Lee can offer to mentor him and bring him inside? As a man should, Sydney has Mo’Nique’s back (for now). That’s what a man is supposed to do. I take blows meant for my wife. We don’t need white people to divide us – we divide ourselves. The trick of the old plantation master is still working. I don’t love Mo’Nique’s comedy, but that woman is a great talent. I want to see her use her talent and win. I don’t want her dream to slowly fade to black. Think for a moment….she recorded this conversation to have proof and now that backfires? In the audio, Tyler is heard stating that Mo’Nique should have been paid to promote the movie Precious overseas, another point she has made on several occasions but even Whoopi Goldberg criticized her for it. WTF!! Stop bashing our beautiful black women (Mo’Nique is beautiful). There are many black men that love our sisters. Brothers take charge and get some backbone. Don’t let anyone denigrate our women. This woman has a point and y’all refuse to see it. People advocating that she divorce Sydney. What? How about advocate for Hillary to leave Bill. What about #45 p:$$/ grabber and Melania? I challenge you again to google on youtube Muhammad Ali on love for black women. I’m that brother. My wife knows she can do anything and I do mean anything, but the one thing she has never done is disagree with me in public. That’s why after two decades she gets away with absolute nonsense. This is long, but I close with this – arguing with idiots is like playing chess with a pigeon…… matter how good you are, the bird is going to shit on the board and strut around like it won anyway. So I’m done, and won’t comment about this subject again. Black women don’t attack each other. You are stronger together and invincible when you have that black king in your corner.

    • African American Woman on said:

      This is not an issue of race; this is what happens when one’s ego gets out of control. She keeps this nonsense going because her narcissism won’t allow her to gracefully accept that things didn’t work out her way this time…Happens to everyone at some point in their lives…you can either lay down, whine and cry or get up like and adult and make things happen. She’s acting like a bratty child and that’s why she’s not getting support.

  7. How old is that movie now…..gurl 👋 it’s sad she brought her career to its demise but it’s others fault pray for her and husband you can only eat if you work and if you work make sure to get it worth up front not at the back… smart about ur 💰

  8. pac4me on said:

    Why? and why now? Does she think this lil stunt will help her – I think not. Now who’s does she think will trust her now – Monique, let it go and Good Luck

  9. Rose on said:

    Oh my where do they do this at? I think she and her husband should’ve approached this differently, “like may we sit down and talk over lunch?” now no one will trust her again.

  10. Princess on said:

    I would like for Monique to shut that hole in her face. She crazy if she thinks she control black people. Haters will praise you but anyone who loves you will tell you the truth. Your bitter and you sound like a broke record. You lack humility and talkibg and hating on Tyler, Lee and Oprah is not hurting them, they still rich and blessed and your bitter and broken. Forgive and let it go but most just shut up.

  11. Mo should’ve taken Whoopi’s advice and dump that loser husband as her manager. Now she’s wiretapping Tyler Perry and releasing it. Bye Monique you’ve put the final nail in your coffin. Your acting career is 💀

  12. She just showed exactly who she is. I didn’t gain anything from this conversation except a shake down. Sounds to me like Tyler was saying, if this little money will get you out of my life, so be it. She did not hold up her end of the commitment to do press and should not be rewarded for it. She was difficult on set, which doesn’t surprise me. I watched her TV show during the nominations and she was as arrogant as they come and was positive she was going to win. I’m pretty sure, if she hadn’t, somebody else would have been to blame. It’s time that she and her mooching husband either find a way to develop a comeback for her or move on. There are younger and better actresses being born everyday. She’s no Angela Bassett.

  13. tedgravely on said:

    It’s unfortunate that some people have to fight for what was rightfully theirs in the first place. So if she received all those concessions from Tyler, why couldn’t he do it in the first place? Mo’Nique is losing support by the second; but apparently, she never had true support or friendship. You should not have to beg for something that is commonplace. Now she is made to look like the horrible one. This isn’t a great tactic, but it maybe the best legal tactic. She was already blackballed. Why are we cheering Colin Kaepernick and refusing to see Mo as a trailblazer. She may lose her battle, but win the war for others. Black women are resilient and fighters. Mo’Nique has been fighting all her life. This is just par for the course. This is just my opinion.

    • Daddy Bigg on said:

      Did she sign a contract? Was the contract fulfilled? If she didn’t get what she thought her value was, she should not have signed the contract. Perry has no obligation to come back to accommodate and help due to the way she spends her money. Am I missing something here?! This is cut & dry in my eye. Kudos to Perry for extending major benevolence with the proceeds from Precious presumably out of kindness.

    • Jean on said:

      I don’t understand why we as black people the way that we do. I would not go to Canne to do press for free. It is wrong to treat someone like Mo’Nique this way. She is a sister and regardless how she behaves pay her what she deserves and be done. Don’t black ball that way. You know how difficult life can be for some people. No matter what, show respect and professionalism at all times. In the end we all have to show how we lived in this life. We will be rewarded by how we lived. Enjoy your money.

  14. Shay on said:

    I hope she and her husband have a backup plan. Secretly taping Tyler wasn’t the way to go. I know she feels she should have received more, and probably so, but playing dirty isn’t going to help her cause. Tyler was being kind to her throughout the conversation but I’m sure once he found out what she did, Madea came out for real.

  15. Bigmomma Bee on said:

    No, next time read the fine print in the contract. You got what you signed for. If I’m lying, how come come you handling your business on social media and not in court?

  16. She is a joke and not worth the time and energy to invest in any project she ever participates in, I am DONE!!! Why is she and her husband-manager reminding Tyler Perry that he is all about Billionaire status, he should not have to apologize for his success. That husband-manager, secretly wants her unemployed, he is not helping her at all. This keeps him relevant in her personal and professional life. That fake-condescending tone when they say “my brother……” is so annoying!!!! Go AWAY please

  17. African American Woman on said:

    Oh yeah! This stunt will revive her career and have the offers pouring in! Not! She just basically committed career suicide…

  18. Pecan Browm on said:

    If you agreed to be paid $50,000,00 to do the movie and you were paid that amount, move on. TP fulfilled his portion of the contract. You should have negotiated better!

    • maiangel5101 on said:

      Yes you can have one without the other the here are more graceful and grateful black women then there are ungrateful and ‘unprideful’ it not fair or wise to generalize.

  19. CHANTELIER MILLER on said:

    Mo’Nique husband has really hurt her. Mo’Nique did not have issue’s until he got involved. He’s waiting on a check…

  20. Monique, you messed up girl. You secretly recording someone and put it on blast. No one is going to trust speaking to you over the phone again and will frisk you to ensure you don’t have any recording devices in any future meeting. Did you think about privacy laws before you record that conversation and made it public? I know her situation is in Hollywood but in Government and Corporations, it’s illegal to record a conversation without notifying the other party. And instead of keeping it to herself, she blasts it. Tyler can sue you, girl.

    • Philly Girl on said:

      That was soooo shady. He said what you wanted to hear ( though he did NOT admit to any wrong doing- just that he wanted to right her perceived wrong. If she got what was contractually hers, then that’s ALL the man is responsible for); why put the recording out there? She truly is a nut for this.

  21. stephanie Jones on said:

    Monique is quickly becoming a has been by her and her husband hands. She is too Toxic, no one wants to work with her, she has sabotage her own career.

  22. Anonymous on said:

    This act of secretly taping a major player like Tyler Perry I’d going to Major to Film and Television Career,….. they probably feel they can’t Trust her. If she thought she was Blacvalled before,Shes in for a Major Shock Now…. As the old saying goes…. The Worse is Yest to Come.

  23. Charnita Jones on said:

    Who’s starving????? Right now I could use those 50k & would thank God for every dime. Mo I love you, but come on now, it’s time to move on. We all are short changed sometimes. Am I saying it’s right? Am I say you shouldn’t know your worth? Absolutely not. But many of us have lost much less than 50k. Sometimes God will allow us to be treated unfairly to see if we’ll stay humble & remain greatful. He has a way of rewarding us & making us shine even when we go unrecognized by others whether it’s intentional or not. I think you’re awesome, especially without the potty mouth because we’ve gotten older & as a seasoned queen, & I’m including myself when I say this, we need to be example to the younger women in teaching them grace & how to be ladylike & well spoken respectable young women. I also respect & love Tyler Perry. I love the fact that even though your confrontation with him seemed hostile, he kept a calmness about himself & stayed respectful & collective. This really could have been approached much differently.

  24. Joan Hendy on said:

    Monique is the “black Oprah Winfrey”? Tyler Perry and Monique’s husband must be smoking something bad. Monique is a legend ONLY in her own mind.

  25. Phyllis on said:

    Please put a muzzle on her. So damn annoying and ungrateful. NOBODY wants to work with her and that leech of a husband of hers. Bet she didn’t get $50,000 for that dumb ass play she was in – Barbershop. Talking about she wants to talk to Madea, not Tyler Perry. Girl bye. Go sit your loud ungrateful ass down and be quiet. Just making it harder to find work. If she
    starving, which we know is a lie, its because of that thieving loudmouth ass bully husband of hers. Wouldn’t take a free ticket to see anything she’s in and wouldn’t watch her on tv.
    Hush woman.

    • Dorean on said:

      Monique, please move on with your life, all the energy you spend talkin about Tyler, you could have been producing and starring in your own production. Stop being stuck on stupid,and move on.

  26. Whats so crazy is…Most folks who are on this feed criticizing Mo for speaking up and out…would be the same people ready to confront Kim, jack,and betty if Robin told them thet said xyz about them😂

    • Derrick Watkins Sr on said:

      Exactly! Folks on here mad at Mo for standing up for herself. We as people have become slaves to the fame and money.It’s 3 sides to a story and Monique hasn’t changed hers.

  27. E. S. Granger on said:

    Please please please… somebody, anybody, do what it takes to shut her up! There is definitely something wrong with her mentality!

  28. Guest on said:

    Monique could use a crash course in ‘Professionalism’. Tyler has had to climb the same hills that Monique has had to climb. I’m pretty sure that he didn’t get his lump of cash out of the starting gate…it was earned in a gradual manner, until he reached his peak of Plays-to-Movies-to-ProductionCompany status. He crawed before he walked. Monique & her Husband are still shouting the Blame Game. Tyler is trying to make it right (he really doesn’t have to)…it speaks to his character ! I’m just hoping that Monique grows up a bit and recognize that ‘this is the business’…sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. When somebody throws you a life-jacket, take it, shut up and be grateful ! #TeamTylerPerry.

  29. Creole4life on said:

    She seems to blame everyone else for everything but takes no ownership for things she may have done wrong. Sounds like Tyler tried to make peace.

      • BP drop some of your ignorance please, and stop characterizing a whole race as the same. God knows every race on earth, has it’s share of deplorables. For the sake of people who come to this site to read intelligent feed back on the different stories posted, please find something else to do other live to ridicule daily! Sick of you, and others like you!

  30. Kantrice D. Dorsey on said:

    I don’t quite understand this conversation. For them to be two professional adults, this sounds like a middle school misunderstanding. Can they fix it and move on?

    • Dorothy Singletary on said:

      You said it! Monique and her husband sounding real petty. Let it go already and move on. Be the boss actress she used to be and get that money. Talking about her family starving, well let bygones be bygones and get back in the game like Tyler perry said. Sometimes you have to let go of old unpleasantness to rise to new heights.

      • Deborah Young Salone on said:

        She shouldn’t portray that kone of character to begin with. All money ain’t good money. Don’t Blame Tyler for your mishaps. You and Your family starving because because you choose to. You were living before you did the movie so Stop being so petty. Move on. Your so called husband need to step up and be a husband and provide for his family. Tyler needs to let go and don’t kiss her ass. Life goes on. Tyler she accepted the money then, so evidently she was ok with it then so why is her and her lil husband still mooping.

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