weight loss

Ciara announced that she's officially at her pre-baby weight, thanks to her journey as a WW brand ambassador.

Raven-Symoné is sharing her weight loss journey with her fans and followers on social media and she recently posted a clip on Instagram in which she proudly celebrates losing 28 pounds.

Taraji P. Henson is making the most of self-isolation! The “Coffee & Kareem” star tells Access Hollywood’s Zuri Hall via Zoom how she’s coping with social distancing guidelines, from virtual cocktails with friends to learning how to do her own braids and gel manicures. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  Taraji also shares that she’s lost five pounds so […]

Years ago, while at her heaviest weight, Joy Stewart was confronted by a woman she didn’t even know at the grocery store about her eating habits. “You’ll never lose weight eating all that junk food,” the nosy shopper said. You’re going to end up having a heart attack and it’s not fair to us taxpayers.” […]

Losing weight can be hard, if you’re trying to lose weight don’t even think about trying any of the things that are about to be mentioned. Smoking suppresses your appetite which means you’ll eat less but we all know smoking has other not so helpful effects on our bodies. Also don’t bother doing crunches, they […]

Music producer Timbaland recently opened up his massive weight loss (130 pounds), beating drug addiction, and the importance of mental health. In the newest issue of Men’s Health, Timbaland keeps it real about overcoming his addiction to pain meds and how living the fast life affected his overall health. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER:  The award-winning […]

For someone who just had major surgery in July, singer and actress Tamela Mann is looking and feeling pretty fantastic.

However, with most journeys of this kind, there are the ups and there are also the missteps.

Mo’Nique continues to share her weight loss journey while encouraging her social media followers who need to shed a few pounds to do the same. The actress took to Instagram on July 3 to share an inspirational video about their fitness regiment, telling her followers to “get out and move!” “Hi my loves. So I just got […]

Researchers have announced that drinking coffee could actually help you lose weight. Studies found that coffee activates “brown fat” which keeps you warm by burning calories. You can reportedly drink up to 25 cups of coffee a day. Chris Paul tried it but says it didn’t work because he stayed up all night eating. HEAD […]

Have you been struggling to lose stubborn belly fat? Or fat anywhere else? Well, lucky for you Dr. Ian Smith is back with a brand new book and diet plan that’ll help you blast that fat. The new book/plan is called “Clean & Lean” and it combines clean eating and intermittent fasting. Both methods have […]

Fad diets have long been brushed off as selfish, superficial quests to lose weight. But if you study the actual content of popular diet books, you will discover that most tell a different story. Many inspire dieters to improve the health of their bodies, society and the planet. It’s a topic I explore in my research, as well as my […]