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Omarosa Manigault Newman had another public meltdown on Wednesday. The former Trump aide hurled insults and referred to a host as a “b***h” on a SiriusXM radio show, a video revealed.

The madness happened during an interview on SiriusXM Urban View, and is available on a clip posted by host Clay Cane.  “In trying to interview Omarosa, she insulted my hair, called me ignorant, gutter and a b***h. She clearly picked up Trump’s habits,” Cane tweeted.

Manigault Newman, who has been on a tell-all about Trump in recent weeks, told Cane that he was “screaming” and had “lost control of his show,” according to the clip posted on Twitter.

The incident is the latest showing Manigault Newman at odds with journalists. The ex-Trump supporter has been in a feud with White House correspondent April Ryan, who spoke out about Manigault Newman after she left Washington, D.C. Ryan said that Manigault Newman “physically intimidated” her during a meeting last year, The Washington Post reported.

Additionally, Manigault Newman also refused to talk about Trump or the administration’s heavily criticized interactions with communities of color at the National Association of Black Journalists convention last August.

The ex-Trump aide, who appeared on “The Apprentice,” continues to be at the center of dramatic events.




Omarosa Goes Ballistic On XM Radio Show, Calls Host A ‘B***h’ was originally published on newsone.com

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3 thoughts on “Omarosa Goes Ballistic On XM Radio Show, Calls Host A ‘B***h’

  1. Wow Omarosa, aren’t you married to a Pastor, a “man of the cloth”, and you, at one point, advertising yourself thru black christian radio stations as “Sister Omarosa”, but yet you are calling someone out of his or her name? Who’s the ignorant one in this instance???

  2. Omarosa is self-absorbed and concerned about no one but herself. What she showed is exactly who she is. She stuck with Trump and his divisive, destructive and overtly illegal behavior until they fired her. It was not until then that it was good for her to speak out against who he was (and she accepted) all along. When she said she admired and respected him, she meant it. But she was just another individual that he didn’t care about and she was dispense of. Now she wants to sell books and settle a perceived score with Trump, again for her benefit and not for the benefit of anyone else. Clearly, the black community means nothing to Omarosa. Her displays of bullishness, disrespect and dismissiveness is classic, and a page out of Trumps book. Narcissism at its worse.

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