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Serious congrats go out to Colin Kaepernick. He’s got a new deal with Nike which will be releasing his new signature shoe and apparel line. The company is also making substantial contributions and donations to Colin’s Know Your Rights foundation.

According to TMZ Sports, Kaepernick had a preexisting deal with Nike but his team renegotiated it to the point where it’s basically a new deal. It means Kaep will become the face of the “Just Do It” 30th anniversary campaign and it’ll pay the NFL banned QB new money.

Colin Kaepernick posted the new ad that reads: “Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just do it.” Sources say Colin’s legal team (Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas) put the deal together.

This is obviously a very interesting and risky move for Nike in light of the fact that the company also has deals with several NFL teams. So, with Kaepernick’s collusion case getting the green light to move forward it puts the sport’s apparel giant in an precarious position. However, Nike obviously feels it’s worth it to align its interest with someone a lot of folks feel is a warrior for social justice.


Of course it’s going to be interesting to see what the orange a-hole in the White House has to say about this development since he’s made it his mission to castigate Kaepernick and current NFL players, or as he calls them, “sons of bitches,” who take a knee for their national anthem demonstrations.

In the meantime, Kaepernick is too thrilled with his new deal. He’s already posted the new ad images on his Twitter account.




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24 thoughts on “Nike Signs Risky New Deal With Colin Kaepernick For ‘Just Do It’ 30th Anniv. Campaign

  1. Mary Cross-Sidky on said:

    Nike could not have selected anyone more appropriate for the their slogan. An outstanding young man with a moral conscious and willing to fight for his beliefs. mhcross

  2. Marv Dayton69 on said:

    I am going to invest more money in Nike products.
    We as a race spends 6 billion in disposal income.
    The one’s that want to will & the ones that will not …will not.

    Stand Up

  3. Stacey McClinton on said:

    As a 61 year old grandmother. I am going to buy my first pair of Nike shoes because of this partnership and support of Mr Colin kaepernick. I’ve bought plenty of Nike shoes for my children and grandchildren. That was for fun. These pair I buy and wear will remind me that every time I stand up I make a difference.

  4. And Nike knows. BLACKS are their biggest consumer as well. Like DL said, “some of those unarmed black men were probably wearing Nike when they were shot

  5. Cherry Brown on said:

    Congrats to Colin & Nike! I have supported Colin’s movemen and I will continue to support Colin and all the he kneels for

    • Well, A VET was the one who told Colin to kneel. My father is a VET and people are full of it. These so called people who are upset over Colin kneeling and trying to “Spin” what he is doing and trying to make it look like he is disrespecting Vets are the same people who probably not talking care of vets and their medical needs and stepping over homeless VETS and more as they should.

    • vdabney722 on said:

      Better Nike than Trump. You know he’ll be all over Nike now, just like he was trying to change the meaning of the protests, claiming it was about the flag rather than about equal justice under the law. As for me and I’ll bet most people, at least black people, I’ll go with Nike. You’re the one who needs to THINK. Nike or Trump. The choice is yours.

      • Predictibly, you prove the point.. line up and applaud Mr. NIKE, let the $ flow.. sad.. and of course, we go for the tennis shoes.. at least the Indians got beads and blankets…

  6. Let’s support NIKE for a job well done. We know the racists will stop buying Nike products. Let’s show our appreciation by buying NIKE products. I will for sure.

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