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Luther Yonger (Screenshot Spectrum News Rochester)

98-year-old Luther Yonger is making headlines for his touching story of love that has captured the hearts of everyone who reads about his journey.

“You see, I’m not humped over like those guys out here – the old guys,” said Yonger, a Rochester, N.Y. resident who walks 6 miles a day to visit his sick wife in the hospital.

“My upbringing; when you see somebody elderly, when you see somebody struggling when it’s raining… I had to pick him up and I couldn’t be one of the ones who would just drive by,” said Dan Bookhard, who spotted Luther walking along 1-390 and offered him a ride.


Yonger, a Korean War vet, is said to walk everywhere, according to his family.

“My dad’s always walked. He says he does it to stay alive,” says Luthta Yonger. And when it comes to the long trek to see his wife, she added: “He still says, ‘nope I have to get out there to my wife. I have to go.’”

According to multiple reports, his wife of more than 50 years, Waverlee, is paralyzed and has suffered from brain cancer since 2009.

While reminiscing on the good times they shared, Yonger said, “She’s the best cup of tea I ever had. She would come in and kiss me and say baby and feed me in the bed and this is what I need right here.”




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12 thoughts on “98-Year-Old Army Vet Walks 12 Miles To See Hospitalized Wife

  1. TerriJune on said:

    The sweetest expressions of love. A love for the “sweetest cup of tea” he’s ever had and the love shown to one our senior citizens. Bless you … Bless you … Bless you a thousand fold. As someone I once knew use to say: “just keep having birthday’s, you’ll get there too”.

  2. Earlene Worrell on said:

    You know sometimes a few were you people need to take time and paying attention to the words in the sentence and paragraph to get a understanding and not jump to conclusions

  3. African American Woman on said:

    Wow! This guy is the most amazing human being I’ve ever read about. His wife has a true winner! I only wish I could pay for him and his wife to be driven everywhere they need to go. I’d also love to hear his entire life story. Man, what rich history he would be able to tell about.

  4. Vivian Young on said:

    There are still some good, no great men in this world. One who believes in honoring his vows, through sickness, heartache, pain, suffering. This man says she is still the love of his life. Walking is nothing compared to the Love that the Husband and Wife have, the joy of having each other. Love is very powerful when use the right way. Love covers a multitude.

  5. Goldie 2 on said:

    This is so good and wonderful. Everyone should take this lesson and swallow it. Walking is the best exercise. Look at this gentleman. I can’t help but smile and by the way his family listens to him.

  6. Darryl Wright on said:

    Thanks, MariAnne. I was wondering the same thing! It is a shame to have him, a 98 year old, walk 12 miles. I wish I lived nearby, I would pick him up and take him myself! Someone should do a story and identify his family members!

  7. tedgravely on said:

    Now that’s love. I’m sure others have offered him a ride, but he prefers to walk. Walking is health and freedom. Long live Luther and may God continue to give him strength.

    • African American Woman on said:

      He comes from a time when men were actually men. They had dignity, pride a sense of responsibility and self-reliance, unlike too many wimps that exist today. There’s no way this man would wait for anyone to do anything for him.

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