Apartment List accounted for Dating Satisfaction, Outdoor Satisfaction and Percentage Of Singles with Houston fairing well in all three departments.

Living with your man is fun but you have to remember to hide certain things. Hide your little clubbing outfits and that photo album from college. If the two of you aren’t married don’t let him see your bridal magazines…unless you want to scare him away. If you have any sex toys that are your […]

If your man is treating you like a side piece, it’s pretty obvious. If he only takes you out on dates on weeknight dates,it’s  probably because that’s the only time he can blame it on work If you’ve never met his friends, he won’t hold your hand in public and he won’t spend the night […]

Russ finds the number of Black woman that have been “going in on” Kobe Bryant after his death “disturbing.”  One woman said that he did nothing for the Black community and that she wouldn’t be paying tribute. Another said why pay attention to someone who paid attention to someone who paid attention to another race. […]

When women want to have sex but won’t say it they do some pretty interesting things. Sometimes women will joke about just being friends, which seems like it defeats the point, but they do it. They may also just randomly sit on your lap at a weird time. Yep, ladies are weird. Listen to the […]

Russ wants to make it very clear that he is in no way bashing men. He does however think that men can and should do better. Things have gotten to the point where he feel like men are “losing” their “sisters.” A trend that’s alarming to him is that black women are less likely to […]

Texts between a couple can get pretty weird the longer they’re together. Once you’ve been together for a while all of that cute stuff goes out the window! Long term couples send each other things like, condom requests, pictures of their dirty underwear, toilet paper requests and bribes. What’s one of the funniest texts you’ve […]

As the holiday’s approach nobody wants to think about breaking up with bae! If you happen to breakup with your boo, don’t tell your mom! Why, you ask? Because there’s a possibility you may have an arranged marriage, she may say she told you so and she might make you a Tinder profile.

Dating is fun, but can be stressful. There are some things that men really wish women would do on dates. For one, a man would love to not hear about your ex. Men also would like to be given compliments and they’d love it if a woman offered to pay.

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It’s been rumored that Keshia Knight-Pulliam was dating fellow actor Brad James and by the looks of a recent social media post, it’s true. 

Mike Epps is a newly married man and you can hear the joy in his voice. “I’m doing good,” he tells the TJMS Crew, “I got a beautiful wife” he continues. He and his wife have been traveling and enjoying each other’s company, “I feel like the Lord sent her to me,”  he beamed. He’s staying […]

Your wedding day can be full of emotions. But, there are some things that you should share with your daughter before she walks down the isle. One thing to tell her is, “I think you’re ready” so that she can calm down some. Remind her to treat her in-laws the way she wants you to […]