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Clark Atlanta University was trending on social media Tuesday morning for all of the wrong reasons. At least 150 students arrived at Clark ready to start the fall 2018 semester, but there was no housing available, according to reports. After tons of backlash, the HBCU has responded.

Students waited at the Clark Atlanta Student Center waiting to receive word on their dorm room assignments, something they all put down deposits for, but got no answers, WBS-TV in Atlanta reported Monday. Classes were scheduled to begin Tuesday.

It was expected that even more students will be arriving only to find out there is no housing available for them.

“They are saying that there’s no housing available and that one would have to resort to off-campus housing, which is a problem,” one student told WBS-TV. Many of the students are out-of-state.

In a statement to WBS-TV, it was unclear where the HBCU was assigning blame. Clark administrators seemed to “imply” that students “did not follow the rules,” WBS-TV reported.

“We have housing for all freshmen and sophomores who are financially enrolled,” the statement from Michael Marshall, Clark Atlanta’s associate vice president of enrollment services said in part. “Those who have not completed the financial enrollment process are being offered temporary housing while they complete the process.”

That statement wasn’t good enough for at least on parent of a student enrolled at Clark for the fall semester.

“They can pull it up and show you that they’re financially enrolled in the school, and they still don’t have housing,” Ericka Eddins told WBS-TV.

Consequently, the university is being slammed on social media.

Hopefully, this is resolved soon.

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