Candace Owens is back in the headlines this week, and this for criticizing academic disciplines that over little value to society.

Alabama A&M University recently received its largest individual donation from an anonymous alum.

Lindsay Davis is the first Black student to earn a doctorate in chemistry at the University of Texas at Arlington.

After escaping Boko Haram kidnappers nearly a decade ago, survivors Joy Bishara and Lydia Pogu have reached even greater heights by graduating college from Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida.


Now that most colleges and universities have moved their classes to online lectures in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic many are utilizing the popular Zoom video conferencing tool. On Monday a University of Texas organization had to cut their session short after someone logged on and began hurling racial slurs at Black students. The Austin […]


Torrell Foree, a first-generation student at Cal State Fullerton, cannot forget how isolated and lost he felt as an undergraduate. He had no clue where his life was going and had begun his life at college without even choosing a major. The only thing he had planned out was a spots career; he could either […]


A drunk college student was reportedly arrested after he went on a racist and homophobic rant in class and broke a student’s laptop. Dayton Kingery, a 21-year-old originally from Connecticut, was taken out of a class building at Chapman University in California on Wednesday (February 5). According to videos that circulated across various social media […]


A Ball State University professor called the police on a Black student after he refused to change seats in class. Now that student, and many others are upset with the school for its response to that professor. The school has reportedly implemented a corrective plan after professor Shaheen Borna, who is white, called university police on […]

When seeking graduate and professional degrees, African Americans take on over 50% more debt than white students. On the upside, African Americans also see a bigger payoff to earning such degrees. Whether or not that payoff is enough to make up for the additional debt burden is unclear. These are some key takeaways from a study we released in […]

A lot of people have their own thoughts and opinions on what prison is and what type of people are there. But, there’s a lot that goes on behind those walls that we don’t know about on the outside. Dupont, Emmy and Peabody Award winning filmmaker Lynn Novick directed a four part documentary that shows […]


SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — A white supremacist manifesto that appeared to be a copy of one linked to a man accused of attacking two mosques in New Zealand was circulated electronically at Syracuse University, campus law enforcement said Tuesday, adding to a string of racist episodes that have shaken the upstate New York campus. Federal […]

At least two people have been confirmed dead following a shooting at an unofficial homecoming party at Texas A&M Commerce in Greenville, Texas. 14 others were wounded as gunfire erupted shortly after midnight early Sunday morning. According to police, there was only one shooter and the unidentified suspect remains at large. Almost instantly […]