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Former rapper Slim Thug told radio station 97.9 the Box that he believes Ciara and Russell Wilson’s romance is nothing more than a clever, money-making PR stunt.

“Do a woman who used to talk to Future really want a Russell Wilson?” he asked Thursday during the interview in his hometown of Houston. “I don’t believe it. I think it’s all for financial stability.”


Fans have been anxiously awaiting for Ciara to #clapback… and she delivered via  two highly suggestive but classy Instagram posts highlighting her growth as a “hugh man.”

“Let’s Not Make Things Complicated, When They Don’t Need To Be #LevelUp,” she wrote in the first post.


She followed up with a second post, writing: “Cool is in the eye of the beholder. What are some qualities you see as COOL? #LevelUp”


Slim Thug had to field through a slew of negative responses online following his ignorant comments about Ciara and Russell’s marriage. He then weighed in on the issue one more, saying his initial comments were taken out of context.

He apologized and explained that he wasn’t necessarily calling Wilson “lame and corny,” but was making an argument for “good guy [swag] vs. bad guy swag.”

Adding: ”I believe if you like street dudes, you like street dudes. I think a woman would do that for financial stability and for the better of her kids or a [more] solid life, but I don’t think that’s initially, in her heart, who she really wants to be with. I could be wrong; I’m a rapper.”

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14 thoughts on “Ciara Tells Slim Thug To ‘Level Up’ After He Slams Her ‘Sham’ Marriage To Russell Wilson

  1. Amber on said:

    Love your comment Ciara. And yes, their love shows. She even have a beautiful little girl with Russell. if he love for Russell was not real then why did she wait to have sex with him when she could have got any “rapper” she wanted. I love to see a black couple like this being shown from her to beyonce/jay Z; Lebron/Savannah. it shows we can love each other, and be RICH and have respect and love for each other.

  2. Btown on said:

    That’s the problem people always trying to read other people…with the comment about her not wanting to talk about him that’s good maybe people should take head and live their life as private as they can #keep people out ya business

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Slim Thug needs to STFU! How do you know what her intentions are? She moved on from a womanizing thug to a real respectable man who wanted to marry her. You trying to judge someone for upgrading themselves that’s stupid, what was she supposed to do move on to Lil Wayne or sell out like Serena. She made a mistake with Future she learned from it. Just like Russell made a mistake with that white tramp he married who was screwing the football team behind his back and he upgraded to Ciara. What an ignorant dumbass, trash. Great response from Ciara. Her little girl is beautiful! She looks like Russell. Beautiful black family.

    • Why is Serena a sellout? Because she found a man she loves and loves her. You made a very ignorant statement. You praise Ciara but then dog Serena. That is crazy.

      • Amber on said:

        Kim, Serena can do what she want but Ciara will get more love. we as blacks need to see how a good black man can love a good black woman and it is clear Russell and Ciara love each other. I understand what PT is saying because we are a race who seem to often push ‘if it is white, it is right”. even look at the comment by slim, he seem to give the impression being “good’ is boring for a black man but being “thuggish” is ok for black men.

      • Manetric Douglas on said:

        Agreed. Love is love. Serena, as far as I know, ain’t out here dogging black men so she didn’t sell out. She leveled up from the men she was dating and found a man worth marrying. People can’t seem to give a compliment without a dagger in the back.

  4. Agree S.D. Grow up already! Ciara is no different than any other young lady that wants more out of a man than that street life. And let the record show, a lot of these so called street wise rappers don’t even know about that “life”, they just rap that shit for a pay day! Slim Thug, you too old to be called that now, let it go! Ciara can’t help that you pick street chicks as your lady! Chicks that don’t want nothing out life! Don’t hate on a beautiful, black woman who has what it takes and goes for hers!

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      you pick street chicks as your lady! Chicks that don’t want nothing out life
      Yep, ho’s, strippers or non-black women who only see him and all black men as a mean to their end, then he has the nerve to dog out a respectable black woman because she no longer wants to date trash like him.

  5. Justice on said:

    I believe it. I remember someone interviewing her before she married him and they asked her a question about him and it was like she kind of brushed it off and changed the subject. I felt then like she’s doing this for some other type of reason not solely on this is the person I love or want to share the rest of my life with. When you love someone you don’t hesitate from answering a question regarding your feelings for them.

  6. This was an idiotic comment. Whoever she chooses to be with is her damn business, no one else’s. She seem happy to me. Leave them alone. IMO, they have a beautiful family. Ijs.

  7. Clearly Ciara has matured at a greater pace than Slim..!! If they grow and mature as they move through life, people’s taste, desires and actions change. What you want at 35 or 40 should not be the same things you sought at 18 or 25. Grow up, Slim… might like what’s waiting for you!!!

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