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Jennifer Hudson, Missy Elliott, Serena Williams, Janelle Monae and more have participated in Ciara’s social media challenge to promote her new single “Level Up.”

The R&B star introduced the “Level Up Challenge,” which asks fans to bless the track with their own choreography, and to share three ways in which they want to “level up” or better themselves.

Ciara kicked it off with a tweeted video for #MotivationalMonday on July 23, listing the three things she hopes to achieve and encouraging fans to do the same.



Fans and celebrities alike including Macklemore, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Pratt …and of course, her husband Russell Wilson, have all shared what and how they plan on “leveling up.”


How would you like to #LevelUp this year?



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3 thoughts on “Ciara Gets Viral Response With #LevelUpChallenge

  1. Addie on said:

    Level up 1) live your best self 2) do not fear to fail if valuable lessons can be learnt. 3) Quality time with the ones you love, park the phone up 🙂 Level up

  2. Justbeingme on said:

    People out here doing all these foolish challenges how about challenging people to educate themselves and challenge people to take care of their children so they won’t become a statistic and level up on white peoples out who think it’s okay to call the police on innocent black people and disrespect them. We have so much important things going on in this country like having a piece of shit for a president. Level up on that

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