The so-called Tinder Killer says that he didn’t want to hurt anyone. From his current residence in a Los Angeles jail, Danueal Drayton says that ‘voices’ compelled him to murder. He stands accused of killing Queens nurse Samantha Stewart, raping another woman in Los Angeles and choking his ex-girlfriend.

Police say that he has no history of mental illness but Drayton told The New York Daily News he was both schizophrenic and bipolar.

From The New York Daily News:

“I really liked her. I didn’t want to kill her,” he told The News from behind a glass partition at the Twin Towers men’s jail in Los Angeles. “They told me she had to die.”

“I’m a passenger in my own body,” Drayton repeated, over and over, referring to the voices that he claims drive his evil actions.

“It’s mind control,” he said, eyes blinking. “They use direct-energy weapons on me to control my mind.”Drayton, 27, alleges he strangled Stewart and tried to resuscitate her.

Eventually, her body went “stiff” he explained.

Drayton also told The Daily News that some crimes he can’t remember because the Black Island blocks them out. When arrested, the Daily News reports that Drayton thought the police were the people behind the voices.

His ex-girlfriend, who he is accused of assaulting told The Daily News in a separate interview that she thought he was a nice guy and that he was using insanity to excuse his actions. Zynea Barney, the woman Drayton is accused of choking says he had a big vocabulary and a talent for fixing cars. They had a six-month relationship that was going fine until she caught him talking to another woman and attempted to break things off.

That’s when it took a turn, she told The New York Daily News. 

“He just hopped across, into my car, both knees on my knees, and started strangling me.

“Everything happened so fast.

“He was choking me, saying “F—king b—h, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you. No, no. I told you, it’s just me and you.’ ”

Unbeknownst to her, Drayton had already served almost 5 years in Connecticut for unlawful restraint, violating a restraining order and strangulation. That he was released after assaulting Barney appears to be because someone dropped the ball on interstate release of information that would have shown he was on probation in the previous case.

Drayton has confessed to seven murders, but police say he may not have committed them.

Barney has said she believes that Drayton is faking any mental illness and that he has bragged about using it as a defense in the past.



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