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On May 10, New Orleans native Keeven Robinson was suspected of dealing narcotics. When the 22-year-old saw detectives at a gas station, he attempted to drive away, but crashed his car.

He tried to run on foot but was cornered in a backyard, according to CBS News. Allegedly, there was a struggle with cops and Robinson stopped breathing. He was taken to a hospital and died. Originally, it was said he died because of asthma issues during the struggle. Now, a corner has said Robinson died of homicide by asphyxiation.

NBC News reports, “Jefferson Parish Coroner Gerry Cvitanovich said Monday that the post-mortem examination showed Robinson’s death was ’caused by the actions of another.’ The damage to the soft tissues of his neck, he said, left him confident that the cause of death will be ‘compression asphyxia’ when the autopsy process is completed. He said it was consistent with someone choking, grabbing or leaning on Robinson’s neck.”  The four detectives who arrested involved in the incident have been read their rights and put on administrative leave.

When Sheriff Joseph Lopinto was asked if his department has a policy on chokeholds, he dodged the question by saying the officer were fighting for their lives, “From a policy standpoint, we don’t train somebody to hit someone with a brick — but if you’re fighting for your life and the brick’s there, you hit somebody with the brick.”

Robinson was unarmed. In case you are wondering, the department does not use body or dashboard cameras.

Sheryl Robinson, Keeven’s grandmother, said, “We want the young Black men to be able to walk the streets and when the police do frisk them, we want them to be able to stand and let the police do their job. They’re afraid of the police. They are killing our children. It’s time to stop, enough is enough. ”

There have been marches in New Orleans for Keeven Robinson.  See below:







Keeven Robinson: Police Custody Death In New Orleans Ruled As Homicide was originally published on newsone.com

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20 thoughts on “Keeven Robinson: Police Custody Death In New Orleans Ruled As Homicide

  1. Derrick Wilson on said:

    What else is new?! The White’s only establishment has been finding excuses for the murder of unarmed black men for years!! Makes me wonder what our black elected officials are really doing! Don’t they see a trend here?

  2. Mac Daddy on said:

    Drove away at high speed when police approached. Endangered the community members around him, both in cars and pedestrians. Wrecked the vehicle. Took off on foot from said police. Physically fought with police. Does anyone disagree that these actions significantly increase your odds of a fatal encounter? Stop defending criminals and you just may see a drop on criminal activity.

    • EMaza on said:

      You know good & damned well he wasn’t fighting a group of cops. And even if he had stayed put in the car with his hands up..he would still be just as dead.

    • Three trained officers against one man that has a normal stature does not sound like death was necessary. What happened to tazing or using proper procedures to control him?They are trained on maneuvers that can render a person to submit without resulting in death.

  3. Mac Daddy on said:

    Sorry, I don’t see white people defending the actions of white criminals whose illegal and unwise decisions result in their untimely death. Make dumb decisions, win a dumb prize.

    • Linwood on said:

      True..But,We do see..white people, shoot Up a schools,church,movie theater etc..When,their done killing everyone..they come out with a scratch..then,waste tax dollars..in Court, saying the DEVIL made me do it or I, forgot to take my MEDs..

  4. americanize on said:

    Typical race soldier behavior.Its a known fact that white extremist groups has infiltrated law enforcement.

  5. Kneel football players kneel. Dammit ain’t we tired of kneeling cause they killing us and calling the police cause we breathing air while black ? 400 Years, 400 years black people and actually black people may have been on the continent of North America prior to 400 years ago

  6. Mac Daddy on said:

    “We want our young black men to be able to walk the streets freely and sell their drugs to members of our community with impunity.”

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