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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — Critics who accuse singer R. Kelly of sexual misconduct are threatening to stage a protest at his upcoming show in North Carolina if it isn’t canceled.

The threatened protest in Greensboro is the latest manifestation of the #MuteRKelly social media campaign that has sought to stop his music from being played.

Kelly’s management team issued a statement late Wednesday saying he was looking forward to the concert.

Brandi Collins-Calhoun is director of reproductive and maternal health for the YWCA of Greensboro. In a letter to the Greensboro Coliseum, she said if the show isn’t canceled, she and other community leaders will be standing outside the arena in protest.

“The Greensboro Coliseum choosing to host a repeat offender condones the continuous abuse and harm that he has done to African American women and girls, and encourages rape culture,” Collins-Calhoun wrote. “The coliseum has neglected to consider the Black women and girls that largely makes up the community that relies on them for community engagement and entertainment.”

She encouraged the coliseum to “do the right thing” by canceling the show and establishing “justice-centered policies and procedures” for planning any future events.

The letter was also signed by eight other organizations, including NARAL, North Carolina Black Women’s Roundtable and Professional Black Girl.

Coliseum spokesman Andrew Brown said Wednesday officials would have no comment on the letter.

Kelly was scheduled to be among the performers at a May 5 concert in Chicago, but was dropped as protests arose. He issued an apology on YouTube , saying he didn’t know why the show was canceled.

“I never heard of a show being canceled because of rumors, but I guess there’s a first time for everything,” he said on the video.

In the statement, his management team referred to those opposed to his scheduled performance as well as the people who want to see him.

“A publicity-driven protest by a handful of people is in keeping with their First Amendment rights, and they are free to skip the event,” the statement said. “Just as fans of R. Kelly have the First Amendment right to attend his concerts without reprisal and share their love of R&B.”

Kelly has faced intense scrutiny in the last year after women have accused him of sexual coercion and physical abuse. He has denied the charges.

The social media campaign #MuteRKelly has sought to stop his music from being played.

Collins-Calhoun said she’s received expressions of support from around the state and expects protesters from cities like Charlotte, Asheville, Raleigh and Durham. She said there’s also been help from Chicago, and from Texas and Georgia.

Saying she hasn’t received a response from the coliseum, Collins-Calhoun suggested that if the concert takes place, it will be her last visit to the coliseum complex. She noted that she’s taken her daughter to see other events there.

“The fact that they would host a concert in the same space where my daughter has enjoyed entertainment is scary and it’s disheartening,” Collins-Calhoun said.


1. 1994: R. Kelly Marries Aaliyah

R. Kelly worked with singer Aaliyah on her début album “Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number.” R. Kelly, 27, marries Aaliyah when she’s 15 and has her age stated as 18 on their marriage certificate. They annulled the marriage that same year and vowed to never speak about it again.

(Photo Source: PR Photos/ News Source: Newsweek)

2. 1996: Tiffany Hawkins Sues R. Kelly For Alleged Sexual Misconduct

Tiffany Hawkins sues the singer for allegedly engaging ” in inappropriate sexual conduct with (her), included but not limited to engaging in group sexual intercourse with her) and other minors.” At the time Hawkins was 15 and R. Kelly was 24. They ended up settling the suit with an undisclosed amount.

(Photo Source: PR Photos/ News Source: Newsweek)

3. 2000: Chicago Police Open An Investigation

In 2000, the Chicago Police sex crimes unit opened an investigation into R. Kelly about two alleged separate sexual misconduct allegations. This came after DeRogatis a person who worked for the “Sun-Times” received an anonymous tip. Even so, police were unable to find witnesses who’d come forward.

(Photo Source: AP Photos/ News Source: Newsweek)

4. 2001: Tracy Sampson Sues R. Kelly For Alleged Sexual Assault And Harrasment

Former Epic employee Tracy Sampson sued R. Kelly for $50k claiming that he allegedly sexually assaulted and harassed her. Sampson says that he forced her at 17 to have oral sex with another woman against her will. That case settled for another undisclosed amount.

(Photo Source: AP Photos/ News Source: Newsweek)

5. 2002: Patrice Jones Sues R. Kelly After He Allegedly Got Her Pregnant

On Saturday’s we 🏀

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At the age of 16, Patrice Jones claims R. Kelly allegedly got her pregnant and then forced her to get an abortion. Montina Woods sues Kelly a weeks later for allegedly taping them having sex without her permission. Both cases were settled with an undisclosed amount. Later on, a sex tape of Kelly allegedly having sex with a minor is released and he gets indicted on 21 charges of child pornography in Illinois.

(News Source: Newsweek)

6. 2003: Florida Police Charge R. Kelly With Child Pornography

Sometimes you have to just let it out! #TBT

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In Florida, police obtained a camera that contained images of Kelly allegedly having sex with under-aged girls. In addition to his 21 counts of child pornography in Illinois, the state of Florida charged him with 12 more.

(News Source: Newsweek)

7. 2003: The Girl In The 2002 Sex Tape Was 14

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It’s revealed while R. Kelly is on trial for his child pornography charges in Illinois, the girl who appeared in a 2002 sex tape was only 14-years-old.

(News Source: Newsweek)

8. 2008: R. Kelly Wins His Illinois Trial


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After three years of being on trial for child pornography in Illinois, Kelly wins the case. A jury consisting of nine men and three women found him not guilty.

(News Source: Newsweek)

9. 2017: Mississippi Sheriff Sues R. Kelly

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In 2017, R. Kelly gets sued by a Mississippi Sheriff that accused the singer of allegedly having an affair with his wife.

(News Source: Newsweek)

10. 2017: R. Kelly Accused Of Holding Women Hostage In His Home

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DeRogatis publishes an article to BuzzFeed claiming that R. Kelly was allegedly holding 6 women against their will at his Chicago and Atlanta houses. The report suggests that Kelly dictated every part of their lives.

(News Source: Newsweek)

11. 2018: Unnamed Woman Accuses R. Kelly Of Giving Her An STI

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A woman who remains unnamed accused R. Kelly of allegedly giving her an STI.

(News Source: Newsweek)


2 thoughts on “Local Leader Threatens R. Kelly Protest In North Carolina

  1. African American Woman on said:

    So, its the coliseum’s fault??? Really? How about the fact that black people, particularly black women continued to support him while deciding to ignore what he was doing to underage girls…put the blame where it belongs and use this as a learning lesson so we don’t ever support a predator again.

  2. ResponsibilityInControl on said:

    The focus shouldn’t be on the coliseum complex it should be on the 90% of women that are going to the show!!! Stop them from going to the show protest to them directly the coliseum complex is a business and if there is enough people coming to the show they will have it. There have been gun and knife shows at this same coliseum complex that you have taken children to……………….. is that not scary as well?

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