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A close-up of a police officer's badge as he stands beside a police car

A police officer out of Washington D.C. has been arrested for allegedly having sex with a 14-year-old girl.

Nathan Clinkscale, 25, was arrested and charged on April 30 for third-degree sex offense according to The Root. Police report that the mother of the 14-year-old girl found the two in the basement of her Maryland home.

Clinkscale admitted to police that he engaged in “consensual” sex with the teenager who he met on a dating app called Interracial Cupid.

The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia released a statement on behalf of their cop stating, “The allegations against him are disgraceful, and do not represent the standards of ethics our sworn officers are committed to upholding every day.”

Clinkscale is currently being held in the Prince George’s County Police Department county jail. He is an officer in the 5th district in Northeast Washington.


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(Source: The Root)

(Photo Credit: ThinkStock Images)

12 thoughts on “Black Police Officer Arrested For Having Alleged Sex With A Minor

    • Charity Dell on said:

      TED–Well, yes and no. If she were ASIAN, BLACK, LATINA or NATIVE AMERICAN, the “Solid Blue
      Wall” could care LESS. If she is WHITE or ASIAN, there would be no “Solid Blue Wall” of support.
      This is America. It only matters if the underage minor is WHITE, and the perpetrator is NON-WHITE. If this young lady is WHITE, Officer Nathan Clinkscales is on his way UNDER the jail.
      He may as well cut a deal now with the District Attorney, because he will NOT survive a grand
      jury or jury trial. That’s it.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Another dumb ass comment…you don’t know what would happen…I swear some of y’all are so obsessed with white people and how they supposedly feel about you is alarming and concerning…

  1. He met this 14-year old on a dating app. She was having consensual sex with him in her mother’s basement. This probably isn’t the first time she got snagged. The only one who’s going to be traumatized is Mr. Dumb Dick. Hopefully.

    • Charity Dell on said:

      I cannot imagine why any police officer is that RECKLESS and STUPID to have sex with a
      minor, when they KNOW what is at stake! It never fails to amaze me how adults throw away their
      lives and careers, having sexual relationships with MINORS and DECEIVING themselves into believing that “I’ll never get caught” or “I’m never going to spend time in jail for this.” There are
      websites with myriads of TEACHERS who got caught having affairs with minors….and all those
      teachers worked for through years of education, testing and certification preparation is LOST
      when they are caught and prosecuted. Why anyone in LAW ENFORCEMENT would believe
      they would never be caught BAFFLES me–bad choices ALWAYS lead to BAD CONSEQUENCES.

  2. Charity Dell on said:

    Bad life choices lead to bad outcomes–no jury will find him “not guilty.”
    Adults–especially adults in law enforcement–should not be caught in sexual situations with minors.
    His career is over and his life may be lived out behind bars.
    Let’s hope the 14-year old recovers and doesn’t end up pregnant, traumatized,
    or battling venereal disease the rest of her life!

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