Famed movie mogul Tyler Perry is linked to his female alter ego, Madea, so much so that he might even be getting into character while in the bedroom.

Mike Tyson has opened up about how he squandered the fortune he made during his boxing career on orgies and hoes. Tyson admits he turned into “an animal with money” during the height of his career. “When I was young I was an animal with money” he said on the recent episode of his popular podcast, Hotboxin’. SIGN […]

This is a great time to keep your hands to yourself according to New York City’s Department of Health. LIKE US ON FACEBOOK. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM & TWITTER. SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE. The panic around the Coronavirus pandemic has led New York City’s Department of Health to urge New Yorkers to not only quarantine themselves, but to practice safe […]

When women want to have sex but won’t say it they do some pretty interesting things. Sometimes women will joke about just being friends, which seems like it defeats the point, but they do it. They may also just randomly sit on your lap at a weird time. Yep, ladies are weird. Listen to the […]

After a string of failed romances, as tempting as it may be to ride off on your bad b*tch carpet and say, “It was them, not me,” at a certain point you have to look at the common denominator in all those relationships: you. It’s easy to diss your ex for what he couldn’t do or couldn’t […]


As Janet Jackson famously declared back in 1993, “Any Time, Any Place.” Those lyrics, ringing true for a group seniors who were caught having sex in a wooded conservation area earlier this month. The Grace Richardson conservation area in Fairfield, CT was apparently being advertised online as an area for people to meet and have […]

A New Jersey woman took the phrase “scorned lover” literally after she set fire to the home of a potential lover after he invited her over for a late-night sex romp. According to Taija Russell, 29, was arrested last Tuesday after she burned down the home of an unnamed Woodbury man on August 4 because he […]

The #cucumberchallenge is sweeping social media and folks are in their feelings about it. In case you missed it, cucumbers are no longer being used in salads, but for props to show off one’s sexual expertise. Not grasping what I’m saying? Women are sucking cucumbers to show off their fellatio skills. Several celebrities have chimed […]

As humans there are some things that we all enjoy, sex is one of those things. There are some surprising benefits that come from having sex. According to studies having sex can cure a pregnant woman’s morning sickness, sex can lower blood pressure and it can actually improve your immune system. HEAD BACK TO THE […]

Every time you have sex with someone it’s not because you love them. As a matter of fact there are some pretty hilarious reasons why you may have given up the goodies. Maybe the guy had a cute dog, or you heard a rumor that people think you may be gay, or maybe he fed […]

Most people have sexual fetishes, even you. If you say that you don’t you’re lying! Some are super weird, and that’s okay but DL gives us a run down of some of the most common ones. So, you might not be as weird as you think you are! One of the most common fetishes is […]

Also, when the data was adjusted for race, researchers found women who used a little weed before sex reported satisfactory orgasms at over two times the rate of non users.