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On April 26 America’s Dad Bill Cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand and America was shocked.

As the nation worked through its mixed feelings on the situation comedian Faizon Love had a particular reaction and comparison to the verdict that sent the internet into a frenzy according to the Atlanta Black Star.

A longtime supporter of Bill Cosby, through all the rape allegations, Faizon tweeted that America turned Cosby into the poster child for rape.

Emmett Till was the 14-year-old boy from Chicago in 1955 that visited family in Mississippi. While there he was accused of looking at a white woman which got him beaten, tortured and then killed. The alleged victim Carolyn Bryant later admitted that she lied about Till.

Fazion went on to talk about Michael Jackson and how when he was found not guilty in the 2005 child molestation case it ruined him.

There’s a fair amount of people who believe that Bill Cosby was wrongfully convicted and a fair amount who believe the verdict was fair. However, people were not on the same page with Faizon comparing Cosby to Till.

Do you think Faizon went too far?


Bill Cosby’s Sexual Assault Case Timeline
12 photos


(Source: Atlanta Black Star)

(Photo Credit: AP)

31 thoughts on “Hmm: Faizon Love Compares Bill Cosby To Emmett Till

  1. Anne on said:

    Actually, some of Cosby’s victims are black, about a third of them. So, it’s not about the fact that he dealt with white women, since plenty of black men deal with white women consensually with no consequences. That holds true regardless of our personal views on interracial relationships. Cosby has only himself to blame because he hid behind a phony mask of morality, respectability and caring to lure vulnerable young women who saw him as a mentor to help them launch entertainment careers. He was cowardly and dishonest in spiking women’s drinks without their knowledge or lying about the sleep-inducing he gave to women who trusted him enough to ask for pills for headaches, cramps, etc. And the system everyone says has been out to get him actually protected and supported him for decades. He was making money for the Hollywood powers that be as well as enriching himself. It seems to have been known througout Hollywood that he was a predator, with some women having been warned not to be alone with him. In any case, it is past obscene to compare this cold, calculating, and self-centered predator with wealth and clout to an innocent child barely into his teens who had no protection from the racist subhumans who brutally tortured and murdered him for something he did not do.

  2. Annette R. Stephens on said:

    Faizon should have used OJ to compare the fact that Bill and OJ forgot who they were when it came to dealing with Caucasian women. No matter what Caucasian men don’t want African American men with Caucasian women. Bill and OJ aren’t the only ones they are falling fast with more to come, when AA men choose to turn their backs on their own to be accepted by someone else it is short lived, and that Caucasian woman gets paid…

  3. ” FOOD FOR THOUGTH ” . white woman has been making up stories (LYING) on black men/people for a long time .Don,t believe me go visit THE NATIONAL MEMORIAL FOR PEACE AND JUSTICE ” in Montgomery ALABAMA .they broke all the laws in the land to prosecute this man just like they did “BACk THEN” !!!!!.

  4. What I believe is wrong with this situation, the rules were changed,which is always the case when black people are involved. Something happen thirty years ago, what happen to statues of limitations and evidence. Not convicting someone on he say she say words.

  5. Mac Ben on said:

    Hahahahaahahaha… Hahahahaahahaha …Hahahahaahahaha…Hahahahaahahaha 😂Hahahahaahahaha 🤣Hahahahaahahaha….HahahahaahahahaHahahahaahahahaHahahahaahahaha!Hahahahaahahaha!!🤣

    • 2018 Lynching Of A Black Man Legacy / discredit accusers.. Have U LOOKED AT Constand frail ass..circus that has been pictureof his life is still on DISPLAY… since when are white woman HONEST ARE FOR THAT FACT ANY WOMAN (public lynching) & the SALT CAME EASY

  6. Della 1 on said:

    There will never be a comparison of Mr. Emmett Tills and Bill Cosby. Emmett was innocent and Bill Cosby is not. This is like comparing a apple with an orange

  7. Jzzyj1 on said:

    Emmett Till, HELL NO! The only ounce of sympathy I have for Bill is that he’s a victim of the racial double standard, white men in Hollywood can release a fake public apology & go into a fake rehab program and continue on.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Exactly, and that’s why Bill should have understood that he’s not white and he can’t do like the white men do.

  8. October on said:

    Bill should have known better. I don’t understand why any man would drug or use his fame to have sex with a woman.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      And even more sadly he didn’t have to drug women to sleep with him. A celebrity can always get free sex I don’t care who you are or how you look. I remember watching Unsung with the Fat Boys and they were talking about how they had ho’s and groupies in the hotel room, and I thought wow! Really? Trollops will sleep with anything. I don’t think it was about sex but more about ego and control.

  9. Claudiamac on said:

    The Double Standard makes u wonder…nothing has change since Emitt Till, even a look will cost u
    Black men be aware

  10. Black beckie on said:

    Well black men usually are the rapist so the men usually sympathize with the men that’s really were faizon is coming from. Men can do what ever.

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Well black men usually are the rapist
      Are you serious? Harvey Weinstein, donald trump, Woody Allen, Stephen Collins (7th heaven) The Duggars, Ronald Regan had sex with Elizabeth Taylor when she was 15, Bill O”Reily, Roger Ailes. Don’t criminalize ALL black men because Faizon made a stupid comment. White men have been raping for 450 years.

      • Black beckie on said:

        Always talking about rapists of slavery, and supporting the black male rapists. Put all the guys u mentioned plus the guys that look like u. Their all dangerous.

    • Lloyd on said:

      Faizon, is right! Whenever a blackman would look at a white women he was lynched, this is just a new way in destroying the black man. Some people are calling him a fool, but I guess they don’t know their history. The Willie Lynch syndrome is still alive. Black folks not supporting their own people. Donald Trump, did the same thing, but white folks go by a code, protect and help your own

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        But yet and still these black men can’t keep their hands off of these white women. That statement alone should make them never want to touch one. All it does is make them a target.

  11. Passing Through!! on said:

    Comparing Bill Cosby to Emmett Till may be a bit of a stretch. Emmett Till was a child Bill is a grown ass, black married man who had no business getting himself into this situation. Bill is no victim except a victim of his of his own ego, stupidity and believing white people loved him.

    • Nestafan2 on said:

      Knock it off!! Emmett Till did not slip pills into women’s drinks and assault them while they were passed out. I can’t stand Faizon Love.

      • African American Woman on said:

        Are some of the commenters being willfully ignorant or is it not their fault…Emitt Till was launched by racist and violent KKK members…HE DID NOTHING WRONG…the white woman at the center of his demise admitted he didn’t do ANYTHING. HE was killed like an animal simply because he was black. A little boy! His murder infuriates me, even though iI was no where near being born. The way my father and grandparents were treated in the South infuriates me…They were victims of a racist and violent society that dehumanized them. For this fat asshole to compare Bill Cosby to Emitt Till is disgusting and morally reprehensible. I cannot believe as black people, some of you would be ok to tarnish and mock the suffering and death of Emmitt Till by comparing him to Bill Cosby; a rich man WHO admitted to drugging and molesting women for decades!!! You dumbasses are more concerned that his victims were white than bringing him to justice. Would it be better if his victims were black???? Some of you are so stuck on stupid and the same ones who called for his balls to be cut off because of the statements he made about black people a few years back. BILL COSBY couldn’t give two shits about any of you and you victimized puppets are defending him.

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