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Lots of details have come out since the start of comedian Bill Cosby’s case in 2014. So to help with that, we’ve created a quick gallery to get you up to speed.

1. December 2001

In December of 2001, Andrea Constand begins working at Temple University as director of Operations for the women’s basketball team. She meets famed alumni Bill Cosby and they become friends.


2. Janaury 2004

Janaury 2004 Source:Getty

Constand goes for a visit to Bill Cosby’s Cheltenham Township mansion. It’s there that prosecutors believe that Cosby drugged sexually assaulted Constand while she was unconscious.

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3. January 2005 to November 2006

Police Detective at Crime Scene Source:Getty

In January Constand reports it’s to Cheltenham Township police. February that same year the former Montgomery County district attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. says there’s not enough evidence. In March, Constand sues Cosby in Philidelphia federal court. In November of 2006, Cosby and Constand settle their case.

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4. October 2014 to December 2014

A video of fellow comedian Hannibal Buress surfaces with him calling Cosby a rapist during a comedy set. This incident is said to have reopened a case that had was dormant for a decade.

In November, a new Cosby show that was in development is NBC is tossed out. Cosby steps down from the board of trustees at Temple University in December.


5. Winter & Spring of 2015

Allegations of sexual assault against Cosby come out from dozens of women who step forward. Their claims are beyond the statute of limitations law and Cosby lawyers say he didn’t do anything.


6. July 6, 2015

A judge unseals parts of Cosby’s deposition from his 2005 civil case with Constand. In it, he admits to giving women drugs referred to as sedatives before having sex with the women.


7. July 2015 to December 2015

Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman reopens the 2005 case in July. Kevin R. Steele the district attorney after Ferman places a charge of felony indecent assault against Cosby in Decemeber. A crime punishable of up to 10 years in prison.

8. February 2016 to December 2016

A judge denies Cosby’s request to dismiss his sexual assault case in February. On May 24, 2016, Cosby goes to court in Montgomery County for a preliminary hearing, the first one in the assault case. There the case is taken to trial. A Judge rules, on December 5, that prosecutors can use a damaging 10-year-old testimony against Cosby.

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9. April 2017

On April 12, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court denies Cosby’s appeal to allow prosecutors to use police statements instead of personal testimonies from Constand.


10. June 2017

Keshia Knight Pulliam attends the first sexual assault trial with Bill Cosby in Norristown for moral support. Pulliam played Rudy Huxtable, on “The Cosby Show.”


11. June 2017

On June 6, Constand takes the stand for the first time recounting the 2004 incident with Cosby. She recalls receiving three blue pills from the comedian before becoming unconscious.

On June 9, the prosecution has jury members listen to excerpts from Cosby’s deposition where he admits to drugging women he wanted to have a sexual encounter with.

June 12 the defense gets one witness and then rests their case. Cosby doesn’t take the stand.

On June 17, the jury says they’re deadlocked and the judge calls for a mistrial after 52 hours of deliberation.


12. January 2018 to April 2018

On January 18, 2018, the prosecution asks to use 19 accusers as witnesses for the second trial. The defense declines it.

March 15, 2018, a judge rules that five women along with Constand will be allowed to testify during the retrial of their own encounters with Bill Cosby.

Jury selection begins in Norristown, Pennsylvania with jurors from Montgomery County.