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What is up with Faizon Love and Spike Lee? We have to admit that we didn’t see this one coming. The comedian is calling the iconic director a “house n*gga”

If you’re wondering why Love is going in so hard on Lee it’s because as far as the outspoken comedian is concerned, the iconic director is a “house n*gga.”

“Oh, he’s a house nigga for sure. He’s been a house nigga for years, trust me,” Love told the Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” show.

When he asked what exactly he meant by that, Love referred to Lee playing the role of “Shorty” in the 1992 movie “Malcolm X” that he also directed.

“Look at him. You don’t do a movie like ‘Malcolm X’ and put yourself in as the jibbering comedy relief,” Love to Ebro. “They didn’t do Schinzler’s List and say, ‘Hey were going to put a little comedy in here’. They do it for real.”

Ebro appeared to be taken aback about Love’s assessment of the legendary director, as did Laura Stylez and Peter Rosenberg, who agreed that the particular role Love was talking about was controversial, but insinuated that he wouldn’t take it as far as to call him a “house n***a.” Lee has been known to make art of America’s discourse on race, in ways which blacks living with the experience of oppression tend to identify with. He has also made it a focus of his career to dramatize the stories of Black heroes and to document events that have impacted the Black community.

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