Bill Cosby

The U.S. Supreme Court quietly announced Monday that it would not review Bill Cosby’s sexual assault case, leaving him a free man and ending a two-decade legal drama that shifted the cultural landscape, destroyed the groundbreaking Black actor’s reputation, and sent him to prison for several years late in life.

In preparation for his Chicago sex crimes trial in August, R. Kelly has opted to fire his current legal team and replace them with Bill Cosby’s appellate attorney, Jennifer Bonjean.

Jasmine Guy opened up about the Bill Cosby sexual assault scandal and how the case has affected the Black community. 

R. Kelly has turned to Bill Cosby’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean to handle the appeal of his racketeering and sex trafficking conviction.

Following his sex assault conviction being overturned earlier this summer, Bill Cosby is now hoping to get back to his old life with new projects, including a potential return to television if he has his way.

One of New York City’s most popular comedy clubs has refused to allow Bill Cosby to book the venue to make his return to stand-up comedy. 

According to his publicist Andrew Wyatt, an "exuberant" Bill Cosby is aiming to go out on a comedy tour based on his experiences including his time in prison after being convicted of assault against Andrea Constand.

With his recently overturned conviction behind him, Bill Cosby's next legal battle is just weeks away. His lawyer called accuser Judy Huth's civil lawsuit "45-year-old allegations" and had some choice words for her attorney Gloria Allred.

Cosby and his wife Camille have conferenced with their lawyers and are possibly weighing the option to file a lawsuit against Montgomery County, the county in Pennsylvania where he stood trial.

As wild as it may sound, Bill Cosby may actually have the Trump Administration to thank for his sexual assault conviction being overturned and the resulting release from prison.

Cosby was sentenced in 2018 of sexual assault and sentenced to serve three to 10 years behind bars.

Cosby was sentenced in 2018 of sexual assault and sentenced to serve three to 10 years behind bars.