Brandon T. Jackson Is Trying To Start The First Black Coffee Franchise


After Starbucks arrested two Black men for simply sitting in their café, there has been an outcry nationwide for better treatment of Black people. Through this Black coffee shops have been placed on the map as a way of boosting recognition of Black-owned businesses.

Comedian and actor Brandon T. Jackson has been on that train for two years. He’s working on opening up a Black-owned coffee franchise.

“I’m doing a little coffee,” explained Jackson. ” It’s Kingdom Cafe and Vegan. We are going to try and start the first Black coffee franchise.”

With the first one set to open in Atlanta, Jackson is determined to make it happen especially in today’s racially charged environment.

“It’s definitely a social statement,” explained Jackson about the coffee shop. “I’m tired of our people going through the same stuff.”

The purpose of this franchise is to bring awareness to issues that the Black community faces but to also lift them up and show their talent.

“I’ve been working on a coffee franchise for two years,” expressed Jackson. “We’re trying to get to that place where we can win up.”


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