Another Black man driving for a high-profile company experienced the latest case of DWB recently thanks to a police officer in Collegedale, Tennessee that tased him during a traffic stop.

A driver for ABC's long-running hit medical drama 'Grey's Anatomy' experienced the worst kind of DWB incident after he was falsely arrested at gunpoint in front of the whole crew, and now he wants the City of Los Angeles and LAPD to pay up $20 million for his traumatic ordeal. 

A 15-year-old Black girl from London sadly experienced what may be a case of racial profiling after she was subjected to a heinous strip search by police when teachers at her school claimed she was in possession of drugs. 

A Black man in Arizona had the police called on him by a bank teller that wrongfully accused him of trying to cash a fake check, which some people are now considering a case of racial profiling.


A white Kentucky high school teacher was fired after being captured on film fighting a Black student. An investigation discovered he ‘escalated the situation when he told the teenager, who is a gunshot victim, he was ‘just another Black boy who got shot.’


A Nashville man has been charged with assault after he and his mother physically assaulted a Black male worker in the secure garage of their apartment building on Saturday night. 


A new day brings yet another new viral video of a racist white woman harassing a Black person for simply being… Black. 

A Black couple out of Massachusetts recently fell victim to false claims of theft, and the robbery at hand was over something as small as fruit. 

Data taken from the Illinois Traffic and Pedestrian Stop Study suggests that Black drivers are actually seven times more likely to get stopped by Chicago police compared to what White people experience. 


Two Black men in Texas have filed a lawsuit against Walmart after they were handcuffed at a store while attempting to return a TV. 

Chicago’s police oversight agency is investigating a white officer’s struggle with a Black woman who was walking her dog in a lakefront park, an encounter the woman’s attorneys allege became violent and was “an obvious case of racial profiling."


A Black realtor was showing a Black father and his 15-year-old son a Michigan home when they saw police outside the property with their guns drawn.