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The strange disappearance of CDC employee Timothy Cunningham continues to wear on his family and friends who are no closer to finding an answer.  The Morehouse graduate, who was highly regarded at the Center For Disease Control vanished after leaving work on February 12, saying he was ill. He apparently never made it home.

When his parents, who drove from Maryland to his Atlanta home two days later got there, they found his keys, dog, phone and wallet, but no sign of him.  Our own Shaun King, who attended Morehouse with Cunningham, used his vast network to try to find some answers. But since then, there’s been nothing. No news, no answers.

The middle of the Cunningham’s three children, Timothy did provide a clue 24 hours before his disappearance. According to Fox 8 Cleveland, his parents say that he sent a disturbing text. They have not shared what was said in the text with the public.

“We’ve shared that with the detectives, and we’ve kept that as a private matter,” his father, retired Air Force colonel Terrell Cunningham, who also worked for the FDA for decades, says that he knew something wasn’t right.

“As a parent, you have indicators when things are just not right with your child, and that was the case,” he said.

The Cunninghams are notified when bodies that may fit the description of their son are found. So far, there have been four false alarms.

“It takes you to a place that the light is not shining in,” Terrell Cunningham said. “I won’t call it a dark place, but they are lows. This is extremely hard.”

Cunningham is a respected epidemiologist with the CDC and has worked on viruses like Ebola and Zika. The Cunninghams have refuted online conspiracy theorists that have speculated that their son was involved in or knew of something through his work that might have made him a target.

Despite early media  interest in the case, as it usually happens, the media moves on. What that means for the Cunninghams is that as time goes on, the interest and therefore the resources given to their case, wanes. Since March 13, there has not been a single searchable story about Cunningham, but he’s still missing.

If you can help, please call 911 or the Atlanta Police Department at 404-546-4235.

PHOTO: Public Domain