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Kevin Crane, a luxury realtor accused of shooting his ex-wife to death in a stationary store on Saturday, has sold houses to some major players in hip-hop, The Blast reports.


33-year-old Crane is currently in critical condition after he walked into the Thousand Oaks mall in Southern California and shot his 29-year-old ex-wife, Parisa Siddiqi, while she worked at a retail store. He then turned the gun upon himself but survived the shot.


Crane is a realtor in Beverly Hills and he specializes in dealing with hip-hop clients. He represented Big Sean when the rapper bought Slash‘s old mansion, and he has also worked with Lil Twist.

He was reportedly scheduled to show Travis Scott a home last month but the rapper bailed because Kylie Jenner had gone into labor.

Crane was also in talks to be a part of a new reality show based on hip-hop stars moving to Los Angeles and buying luxury property.

Sources tell The Blast that Crane showed no signs of being emotionally unstable.

Crane and his late ex-wife have two children together. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.







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48 thoughts on “Man Who Killed Ex-Wife In California Mall Is Realtor To Hip-Hop Stars

  1. Really on said:

    Love yourselves black ladies. Don’t let anyone bring you down even its your own. Love being your beautiful selves. Black girls rock. Rock that natural hair it’s beautiful .

  2. specialt757 on said:

    Two more orphaned black kids. I’m glad he survived tho and I hope he doesn’t die but have to live with injuries in a jail system that does not care about his health or well-being. Good for him. Now he has to live and face the children he left parent-less but most of all killed their mother because he could not control his emotions. Sorry a$$ fool.

  3. Passing Through!! on said:

    Another self-hating, self-loathing black man who has learned the hard way that white reparation trophies don’t don’t fix your broken self esteem. What kind of turmoil could you be in to want to kill yourself over a relationship when you have children and a successful career? Obviously her whiteness didn’t cure whatever pain he was in. When you carry self-hate it eventually turns outwards & unfortunately it unleashes on those who are the closet to you.

      • MariAnne Bolton on said:

        To Love: NEWS FLASH…Anything Non-White is White…To those of us who are SICK in-the-head!

      • MariAnne Bolton on said:

        To Love: correction: Anything “Non-Black” is “White” to those of us who are “SICK in-the-head”.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        She’s Ethnic-White still WHITE. Kim Kardashian is white, Jennifer Lopez is white all these women of middle eastern, Asian, Latino decent are still white in terms of ethnicity.

  4. Grady White on said:

    I don’t blame black women as much as I do the welfare system. It’s original design was to fracture the black family structure. Black women just quickly realized they could game the system for profit. That sealed our fate. Blame the white man for inventing the system, but we followed along only to willingly.

    • specialt757 on said:

      First, “It’s original design was to fracture the black family structure.” is not a true statement, the welfare system was not originally set up to help black families or black women. Check your facts Mr. white man. Second, I blame the white man for ALL our ills in America (and the world), starting with how they came over here and STOLE land and KILLED most of the natives or pushed them onto land that was less desirable. If humans survived another 200M years, white folks could not right all their wrongs, they are the worst that satan has to offer, starting with you.

      • Black/white beckie why do you need to know how many happy black families are there…How many happy white KKK families are there……

  5. why does it all have to be about race? for some of us it just happens that we fall for who we fall for, you cant help who you love, this is just another domestic violence act that now has left 2 small children without parents and that is what you all should be worrying about, God will take care of this man not because he was black and was with a white women but because he was an evil person. Pray for those children and stop spreading all this hate! That is what is wrong with the world today

    • I truly feel sorry for those kids. But tell that person who’s pretending to be your prez to stop his hatred. Also he want the death penalty for drug dealers/pushers. Yeah right. The biggest “drug pushers,” as he call them, are white men, what he really want, is to kill “the blks”.

    • Black beckie on said:

      No public relations(P R)is needed here you can simply see he is black. No cuddle, no coddle, no excuses,no covering, no protecting. This black man is a killer see how easy it was just to say that . This man is who you don’t want as a boyfriend/husband/anything.

  6. Mr. Gravely, thank you for such an intelligent comment. For all that anybody may have to say about Black women – – we are strong, we are survivors and we do what is necessary to maintain our families against all of the odds. We have a backbone and have no problem supporting and being that hand in the back of our Black men, supporting and always pushing him forward. Our consistency is not to emasculate him but to encourage him to be all that God has called him to be.

    • Angie on said:

      If only they considered God before taking the lives of their families not only by acts like the one he committed but by cheating on their wives, leaving single mothers to raise children, shunning their financial responsibilities, not teaching boys how to become men etc. etc. etc. So!me of them have failed the family!

  7. kneesee23 on said:

    You know they are going to keep that brother alive even if they have to give up one of their own lungs to do it. He killed one of them….

    I wonder why he killed her ? She was an Ex so it was probably already specified how much money/property/allimony she was entitled to. If she was working in mall, it doesn’t sound like she had much….Maybe it was one of those cases of ‘if he couldn’t have her, nobody could’…

    Sad…so many single sista’s out here and this is the route this brotha chose…

    • Passing Through!! on said:

      Like most white women they only see successful black men as a mean to an end, to live the high life & not have to work. Then when becky finds out that Tyrone only sees her as a white trophy & a sex object because he hates himself then she’s ready to collect her white woman reparation check & leave. Now Tyrone is mad because his perfect white fantasy is falling apart, and ALL his self worth as a black man is hanging on this white woman whom he believes will fix him & make up for all the racism & pain in his life.

    • Black beckie on said:

      Does it Ever occur to anybody if he was with a sister she would be dead. Black men are 3x’s more deadly to black WOMEN ,please get that through y’all thick head’s.

      • Passing Through!! on said:

        Like I always say not every black man who chooses a white woman is a loss or a catch for black women sometimes they date them for a reason. No black man who hates himself could ever elevate any black woman.

  8. Idiot. Typical Blackman that has a little money with his nonblack family . They all think that what they are supposed to have. Like mr gravely said in his comment its you.

  9. Ted Gravely on said:

    Pictures are truly deceiving. Now when he started making his moves, a black Woman was not on the menu. Thank God for that. Black men stop blaming and denigrating black women for all your troubles. It’s you. You want to play around and be a G, call yourself a Christian, a Son of GOD, but get a woman pregnant and string her out for years, cause you don’t want to “commit.” Then you love to marry these women of other demographics because they are easy to be with. How’s that working out for you? Listen to a YouTube video with Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage. It flat out makes sense. I learned long ago, I can find the right one among my own. I just need one. The idiots that are trying to be a player are the ones complaining about the black Woman. Faithful husbands aren’t having problems. Prayers for the Family of his ex wife and the kids. I just don’t understand it….Charles Barkley never been faithful to his wife, Cuba Gooding, O.J. Simpson was still running around on his dead wife. Lamar Odom married to that facially challenged woman. I wrote on here before about why the William sisters and other black women have to think differently. This nonsense has to stop. Get back to Family and start loving yourself and your own race of women. Stupid.

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