A new law by California Gov. Gavin Newsom allows gun violence victims to file civil suits on manufacturers of any firearm used in a crime.

Teachers packing heat alongside lunch may soon be the norm in Ohio thanks to a new firearms law signed by Gov. Mike DeWine.

One Chicago man thought it would be fun to boast the city's gun problem by pointing a gun at a local news crew as they filmed a live segment.

With the 2022 Met Gala being based in NYC, it only made sense for Mayor Eric Adams to attend the festivities. However, it was his choice of 'fit that had everyone talking for all the wrong reasons.

Officer Laquandia Cooley experienced the unthinkable after checking into a shooting on Larkin Street in Hazlehurst, Mississippi. What she found when she got there was her 20-year-old son, Charles Stewart Jr., laying in the middle of the street as the victim of a fatal shooting. 


Lil Wayne’s security guard is said to be considering taking legal action against the rapper for allegedly pulling an assault rifle on him during an argument. 

It appears Weezy is unfortunately on the side of some negative drama yet again, this time after his bodyguard accused the emcee of pulling a gun on him following a domestic dispute.

A fight at a bar in Conyers, Georgia late Sunday led to gunfire, and the incident – which played out over Facebook Live – was reportedly over a spilled drink.


A 22-year-old killer from Georgia has been arrested for fatally shooting a tourist in Miami and then dancing over his lifeless body. 

Four-year-old Kashmania, who has been in the rap game since age 3, just dropped a music video that sends a powerful message against gun violence in his city.

Black America Web pays tribute to famous folk who lost their lives due to gun violence, including soul legend Marvin Gaye, would-be Harlem rap king Big L and a list of other missed legends.