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As thousands of young people across the country march against gun violence, a new study has shed light on America’s obsessions with guns — specifically white men’s obsession with guns.

According to Scientific American, relatively three percent of Americans own half of the country’s firearms. Who fits the profile? White men without a lot of education who are afraid of Black people.

The study, published today, claims, “These are men who are anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market, and beset by racial fears…They tend to be less educated. For the most part, they don’t appear to be religious — and, suggests one study, faith seems to reduce their attachment to guns. In fact, stockpiling guns seems to be a symptom of a much deeper crisis in meaning and purpose in their lives.”

Obama also made these men shed white tears, which meant they needed more firearms. “A lot of people talked about how important Obama was to get a concealed-carry license: ‘He’s for free health care, he’s for welfare.’ They were asking, ‘Whatever happened to hard work?’

Obama’s presidency, they feared, would empower minorities to threaten their property and families,” reads the study. In addition, “gun owners had become 50 percent more likely to vote Republican since 1972 — and that gun culture had become strongly associated with explicit racism.”

The study claimed the people who were “most emotionally and morally attached to their guns” were 65 percent male and 78 percent white.

This could explain why when Black men have a license to carry a weapon, they are still killed, like Philando Castile—and the NRA doesn’t say a word. Hopefully the young people who are marching in protest of gun violence will make a necessary, positive change in our country’s obsession with guns.





Study Claims White Men Buy Guns Out Of Fear Of Black People was originally published on

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40 thoughts on “Study Claims White Men Buy Guns Out Of Fear Of Black People

  1. The finger pointing, the fact that the majority of White Americans rarely live in or near Black communities, the criminals they face are their own, and the White Collar criminals which are also themselves, the Politicians and the Corporate lobbyist, etc., yet the Black Americans are the blight on the State of the Union.

  2. Tyrone on said:

    We are not the ones shooting up schools and sniping people at concerts with a hotel room full of fire arms! We can’t kneel, we can’t ride in a car, and our whole existence is a threat! Lord help us all!

    • Really on said:

      Oh you are exactly right with this post. White people choose to afraid of black people I think it makes them feel better about what the do.

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      Tyrone, if as an argument you propagate the racial stereotype that whites are the race who make up the most mass shooters (and also most serial killers, you missed that one), then you must accept the fact that black men, who make up maybe 6% of the population, commit 52% of the murders and the majority of violent crime. You also must accept and understand that blacks murder twice as many whites every year as whites murder blacks. Tyrone, the odds of a white person killing you are very remote. The odds of a black man killing you are extremely high.

  3. Lgtyrone on said:

    We are not the ones going into schools and sniping people concerts! We want to see justice done as well as the next man! Kneeling queasy a problem, us riding in a car is a problem, now our whole existence is a problem! God help us all!

  4. JJeffery Muhammad on said:

    Interestingly enough, We (Black People) are ALWAYS ready to view ourselves through the perceptive parameters of those who literally, hate us. White People kill the most White People, Asian People kill the most Asian People. Latino People kill the most Latino People. Arabs kill the most Arabs. The pathology of the gun purchasing phenomena is, in my opinion, that the CONSEQUENCES for each of these dynamics,
    vary greatly. HOW MANY WHITE MEN ARE KILLED BY BLACK MEN WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES??? I am NOT talking about any esoteric anomalies that occur in
    the vastness of the hundreds and thousands of murders that happen worldwide. Very, very rarely are WHITE MEN or WHITE WOMEN killed by BLACK MEN or BLACK WOMEN without punishment. Brothers and Sisters COMPLETE and TOTAL SEPARATION (from The Global White Collective) is the BEST and ONLY Solution.

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      JJeffery Muhammad, it’s ironic that you would claim that the problem is that blacks view themselves through the prism of other races when you refuse to accept responsibility for your own actions and conduct, instead blaming the white devil. Thus, you are defining yourself by others and yet shrieking that you view yourself through the perceptions of others. Do you see how asinine and illogical that is? How about be accountable and clean up your own house first? Your wish for such a Black Utopia (or Blutopia) is looking like it is going to come true in South Africa where the ANC and ruling black majority are confiscating the Boer (white South African) farms and calling for their murder. Once this is achieved, South Africa will then descend into famine, chaos, and violence and become a failed state.

      • JJeffery Muhammad on said:

        Thank you Dear Brother, for taking the time to respond and remain respectful. I agree that Black People ARE, in fact RESPONSIBLE to correct our own condition. I also agree that the Vast Majority of the Global White Collective are in fact, “devils”. I respectfully disagree that South Africa is going to fall into impoverishment and famine BECAUSE they are wisely kicking the COLONIZERS out of their land. After all, Sir, were they starving BEFORE the “BOERS” got there? Separation (not Segregation) is the BEST and ONLY SOLUTION because the People that we are attempting to get along with CANNOT see other People as their equals. (Don’t believe me?) Please name O N E group of Original People that live WITH Europeans (EQUALLY-EYE TO EYE-MAN TO MAN) and NOT under them. We MUST get away from them or we will partake of their doom. (And I am NOT talking about simple SKIN COLOR, I am talking about their minds and how they work.) Please, deal with it.

  5. Mr. Rogers on said:

    If where I live 90% of the murders are committed by blacks (irrefutable truth) and whites buy guns to protect themselves from murder, then it would be 90% true that white men buy guns because of their fear of blacks as the article states. Nothing unreasonable about that, it makes perfect sense. It would be true that any law abiding person of any color buying a gun with those stats. All of the jumping up and down, shrieking ignorance, invective, etc. don’t change facts and reality. The absolute truth is that while blacks murder twice as many whites as whites murder blacks (absolute truth, everyone with a brain stem knows this and the stats support it), the vast majority of those murdered by blacks are black and the vast majority of whites are murdered by whites. I carry a gun because to not do so would be stupid when criminals have them. If mine is taken is the criminal going to give up theirs? Of course not. If someone is trying to harm my family or me my reaction to them is going to be the same whether they be white, black, red, yellow, purple, or green. The details can be sorted out later. Peace.

  6. SheCat54 on said:

    Pecker woods will never be truthful because they can’t. Murder,stealing,raping being with every race they hate, claiming every culture, lying and incest is all they know. F*ck your statistics. Do the math on that! YOU RAT!

  7. leadjustone on said:

    I don’t know what these fearful white men do for a living, but if they work in a school system, they might want to reconsider the object of their “fear”. In all of the mass school shootings, who is the crazed gunman? Ain’t seen a black one yet! Who is the real menace to society?

      • leadjustone on said:

        Columbine, Sandy Hook, Virginia Tech, Parkland, just to name a few. All white males. Come on Kates, even you must admit, that this is a white male phenomenon. Let them own this one! Same with the opioid crisis.

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      Such arguments are preposterous. I don’t know where the black people posting such crazy arguments live, but where I live black people are well represented as cops, judges, political leaders, mayors, etc. Everyone, black and white, knows where our murders are and who is doing them. There is a greater chance that a black will murder a white than vice versa. However, as a general rule, blacks murder blacks and whites murder whites. Those I know who carry guns, black and white, could care less about the race of the perp. The fear is crime, not race. It’s so sad watching us all get played by politicians and media who empower themselves and profit from our division. We are instructed to focus on our differences, not what we have in common. I have white and black in my family. I have white and black as my friends. I have white and black as my doctors, lawyers, etc. My maid is white. My yard man is white. My doctors are majority black. Where do you people so bent up about the white devil live?

      • JJeffery Muhammad on said:

        Sir (Or Madame), You make my point for me. COMPLETE AND TOTAL SEPARATION is the BEST and ONLY SOLUTION!! You CLEARLY see yourself as superior to Black People while blindly wallowing in your inability to study YOURSELF. (Vampires cannot see their own reflection, neither do they dwell in sunlight.) Like the Vast Majority of The Global White Collective, you see it as your “GOD-Given” right to have YOUR way. But the dance is over, it’s a wrap. it doesn’t matter HOW MANY guns this barbaric race of people buy. Try firing your gun at a F5 Tornado. Or a 7.5 Earthquake or the Blizzards that are punishing America as we speak. Black People are going to go free from Caucasians
        ANYWAY and your best bet is to make sure that you Whites, offer something in the way of retribution and restitution for the way you have treated Black, Native, “Latino”, Asians and even the poor of your own People.By the way, there are black-skinned people who suffer from the same illness as the Global White Collective, but we believe that they will come to their OWN Senses once the Separation is COMPLETE and TOTAL. Please, deal with it

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      You aren’t helping improve anything by lying to yourself Love. Everyone knows it, even you, unless you’re legitimately insane.

  8. Deborah Bruce on said:

    I really feel it should be the other way around as a black women white men and some white women scare the hell out of me and i’m sure other black people feel the same so we should be the ones going out and buying guns because we’re scare.

  9. Cynthia Feaster on said:

    White men are such punks and without their guns they are nothing. Their obsession with gun ownership in 2018 is irrational, sick, paranoid, fake and phony. White people have absolutely nothing to fear from Blck people. There will be no slave rebellions anytime soon, but in their sick twisted racist minds, they believe there will be, hence they can’t seem to get enough guns. The MRS has American society in a stranglehold. The politicians are enslaved to NRA money. White evil and mass murder that they have planned for Bllacks is turning in on itself. They are now consuming their own children. We’re does it a end?

  10. Christianforreal on said:

    You know jhuf, even your statistics are biased, favoring whites. Blacks can not get a level playing field no matter what the game is. First of all, people are always talking about black-on-black crime. People tend to commit crimes in their neighborhoods. And if it happens that I’m a criminal AND I live in a black neighborhood,…well you do the math. However, the media that Trump constantly calls fake, reports with a bias. We hear more about the crime committed by blacks. Most cities misreport crimes in their areas to heighten desire for their towns and cities. And if that town or incorporated area is white,…more math for you. When you stop and calculate the numbers of people murdered in this country and around the world, you’d know that more people, no matter the race or color, were killed in our history by white, than any other race of people. So gets your numbers and your rhetoric correct before spouting it!!!!

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      Everyone, including you, knows that black crime rates are astronomical, out of control. Anyone with a functioning brain, black, white, whatever, know this. Crime statistics merely tell us what we already know. Your arguments blaming the white devil are ridiculous.

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      Christian, there are more white killers in history because there are more white people to kill and white people down through history have been killing white people in droves. Black people down through history have been killing mostly black people. How many black Jews you think the Nazis killed? How many black Russians (it’s a drink, but there’s a white Russian too) do you think Stalin killed? Millions, none black. How many whites were killed in the Rwandan genocides? How many blacks were killed in the Yugoslavian genocides? Blacks are a minority in America, like 12%. I wouldn’t want to be a minority anywhere else on this planet. I certainly wouldn’t want to be in a 12% minority tribe in Africa. Would you like to be a 12% Christian minority in a Muslim country? Slavery? Guess who was responsible for that? Black tribes an Muslim slave traders selling conquered blacks to white slave dealers. Guess what? There were plenty of white slaves too. Slavery was big back in the day. Did you know that French forces freed about 250,000 slaves in Mali? They were black African slaves and this was within the last ten years. Slavery is alive and well in Africa and the Middle East. Want to go there?

  11. Doris on said:

    As an African American Female, I own guns because I am afraid of the crazy white men who hate us so much that they think its fun to kill us. I want to be prepared for the time they think we can be treated like our ancestors. When they come for me, I am prepared for them and a policeman taught me how to shoot. Aim for body mast. I am not trying to hit any legs and arms. I shoot to kill.

    • I am an African American female and I own a gun because I’m afraid of whoever tries to kill me. Seeing as how the only people who have robbed and tried to kill me are black, I don’t think I’ll limit my shoot -to-kill skills just to white men.

    • Mr. Rogers on said:

      Have you ever looked at the murder / assault / all crime rates involving white men vs. black women? It’s rare, as in lightning strike rare. Have you ever looked at the black woman victimization rate by black men? It’s astronomical. If you bought a pistol to protect you as a black woman from white men, then I hope you also bought some shark repellant to carry around with you too. If it really was actual black lives which mattered to Black Lives Matter, they would be having protests in the hood, not around police stations. The problems in the black community will never be solved by blaming white people. By the way, I carry a gun to protect myself from crime. Where I live over 90% of the murders (yes, that’s right, over 90% of the murders) are committed by black men. So statistically anyone carrying a gun for protection here would be doing so to protect themselves from being murdered by a black man.

  12. Like a mosquito at a nudist colony, where do I begin!!! 1: most gun owners (including me) tend to vote Republican because Democratic mind set is to get rid of guns
    2:Blacks are only 13% of the population but account for 65% of the murders of which 92% are other blacks (Las Vegas odds say I should fare other blacks far more)
    3: “whites buy guns out of fear for property and loved ones” heard the news on what’s going on in South Africa?
    4: to suggest black students are more at risk of being shot by teachers also suggest that black students are by nature disruptive non-respectful of authority or others and anti-social
    5: maybe the young people will march in Chicago and make a difference for the 100’s of blacks who will be killed this year by other blacks
    6: the NRA may not have commented on Castile but they sure have spoken about the gun violence in the inner cities something the Congressional Black Circus is silent on

    • Randy on said:

      The number of Black on Black murders and shootings proves we buy them to defend ourselves from one another also, so why is it so bad to admit that they have the same fears as we do. At least they are being honest, unlike us.

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